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The Little Couple

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The Little Couple to make a big return

The reality series has been renewed for a second season.

August 24, 2009

TLC has announced that its reality series about the lives of a newlywed couple - both under 4 feet tall - will return for a second season later this Fall. When the show returns it will air 18 episodes, which is four more than its debut outing.

The Little Couple will air on Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT this Fall.

(Source: Variety)

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Comments (30)

Virginia gentile
Posted 03/26/15 at 11:48:39

Where is the little couple is one of the best shows on tlc. The other shows with the small people are not as entertaining and I don't care for them. They will never take the place of the little couple and there family. I love Bill and Jen. Please bring them back.
Linda E. PAradise
Posted 03/22/15 at 11:22:20

I,too, love the Little Couple. I thought their story was refreshing! I loved the way Bill and Jen cared for each other and s poke to each other- how they interacted! Not like JoN and KATE.. Kate being totally nasty, unbelievably controlling, and emasculating! At times it was painful to watch and the children do too much screaming! Even one as teens and pre-teens! The show has to be pleasant tio watch and have something to offer for the viewers! As for the new little family the mom is similar to Kate Gosslin in that she does ALL the talking .Too bad, I think her husband is interesting and a breath of fresh air. If she doesn''t. Watch out she runs the risk of going the same way as Kate Gosslin. She is also VERY controlling. That is not pleasant to watch! Why does one watch T.V. ? For pleasure! On19 kids I think Jim Bob is a jerk! What is he trying to prove teaching his daughter and her fiancé how to kiss? I was embarrassed for him!
Then there was the episode with Jill and Derick and swipes up Michelle and says You can,t do this yet! Where is the Chritian decorum for parents? There are times when that show disGusts me"
Judith & Jimmy Kaul
Posted 03/16/15 at 15:36:33

Pls, pls tell me The Little Couple will be back for a new 2015 season. This is the one reality show we love watching. Jen and Bill are such a beautiful, loving couple who not only adore one another but have chosen to share their love with their two adorable children,
William (BE-ILL) and Zoey. How can you not love them.
Looking forward to more of this fantastic family
karon a. .
Posted 03/10/15 at 23:12:43

please don't cancel the little couple. This show is one that lifts your spirits and warms your heart when things in life aren't that good. Their love and strength makes you think anything is possible just set your mind to it and have the faith. It has given me hope in a real life situation im going through with my grandsons.
K assondra
Posted 03/08/15 at 12:42:36

Tlc leaves shows like 19 kids and counting on unbelievable. All the kids had to have just his name starting with a J he is such an ego maniac. Poor wife did all the work carting those kids. He provided hardly a decent living until tlc made it for him. But that's right take off a wonderful show like the little couple.
Elizabeth Carr
Posted 02/23/15 at 13:49:24

I want to know if The Little Couple has been cancelled and why. I am talking about 2015 not 2009. It is not on the TLC schedule.
Posted 01/28/15 at 20:48:46

Please ,please tell me that this show has not been cancelled. Such a wonderful family. It helps to educate the world and help us to learn that although we are all different, we are still all people!!
Posted 10/30/14 at 17:14:50

Marie.....I Still See No Answer If The Little Couple Is Returning To TLC Channel.....oR iS This Series Finished.....
Posted 10/25/14 at 06:23:49

We have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting the return of the little couple on tlc for the fall 2014-2015 season,...when will it start?????
Posted 07/18/14 at 10:18:03

I could watch "the litle couple" Bill & Jen every day. I love their story, their children, their familiies, their work, their home, what's not to love about this entire show. I will even watch the re-runs I love it so.
This show and the Duggar family are good inspirations to how good people live. (I myself, believe in birth control, but for the DUGGARS, having 19 kids is great)
I miss the show about the perposals, men planning unique perposals. Love watching that, so romantic.
please dont ever take off theresa, the long island meduim, you're crying one minute and laughing the next.
these are the best shows on TV (alright, I do love the NCIS shows and a few on our channel 10)
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On Air: 05/26/09 - Present

Network: TLC

Genre: Reality

Not available on DVD


A reality show following a newlywed couple who are both under four feet tall.


Bill Klein (Husband)
Jen Arnold (Wife)