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Meteorite Men

On Air: Jan 20, 2010 - Jan 23, 2012
Network: Science

Meteorite Men Renewed for Season 3

Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin will return for a third season of searching out meteorites.

February 11, 2011

Science Channel has renewed "Meteorite Men" for a third season. The show follows Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold as they search various locations of the Earth for outer space objects.

(Source: Variety)

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Comments (4)

Russ Kasten
Posted 10/28/13 at 19:31:21

And we just brought to light a fall from 1931 in Wisconsin, that my mother has kept in her Florida closet all these years. Help!?
Posted 04/22/12 at 14:10:36

Glad to see another season. It's interesting to see the different things people do. I like these types of programs instead of the idiot shows the major networks put out. Let's watch the interesting things and smarten up America
pam g. young
Posted 11/27/11 at 18:51:00

I remember watching the Russian spaceships go over our part of New Jersey with my father. I remember crying over the dog up there that wouldnt make it back to earth. I am very interested in space stuff today at 65, because of Hubble and the worlds it has opened up for us all yet I still remember that dog. How far we have come and the technology of today. Space study is necessary and so very interesting. We need it.
Ryan Meltzer
Posted 09/09/11 at 21:13:57

There is something about panning for gold, looking for ancient fossils, and being outdoors that makes this show one of the best shows TV has ever done. No stupidity or craziness that comes with your modern reality show. Just a fun show to watch. I really look forward to new episodes as it's like watching golf. Just relaxing and very interesting. It's nice after a crazy day at work or dealing with lifes problems just to go on a exploration with my favorite fellow nerds. (no offence)!

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Genre: Reality

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A documentary reality series showcasing how meteorites have impacted the Earth's surface.


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