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Lizard Lick Towing

On Air: Feb 7, 2011 - Aug 18, 2014
Network: truTV

More Episodes Ordered For Lizard Lick Towing

truTV has ordered additional episodes of the show's first season.

April 13, 2011

In a new press release, truTV announced it is ordering additional episodes for the first season of Lizard Lick Towing. The freshman reality series premiered in February of this year and has aired six episodes thus far - its most recent on March 14.

No details have been released regarding how many episodes have been ordered, but they will still be considered part of the show's first season. In the same press release, the network ordered new seasons for three other shows - Hardcore Pawn, Black Gold, and Full Throttle Saloon - but fell short of ordering a new season of Lizard Lick Towing.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (48)

Posted 11/11/15 at 12:12:23

Bring back lizard lick towing
Posted 09/10/15 at 16:16:12

please bring back lizard lick towing ,hardcore pawn, south beach towing all the new shows on tru tv suck i do not even watch tru tv anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 09/10/15 at 08:54:36

Maxine Roles
Posted 08/21/15 at 01:14:34

Bring back Lizard Lick!!!!!!!
Maxine Roles
Posted 08/21/15 at 01:10:01

Please bring back Lizard Lick was one of my favorite shows and u cant let us all hanging!!! Maxine
Posted 08/08/15 at 01:21:41

Please bring Lizard Lick for at least one more season. You have left us hanging. Everyone wants and/or needs answers. Please bring it back.
Posted 07/29/15 at 10:20:19

I think it is crap that it was cancelled before everyone knew the truth about who was after Ron, what happened to the dog and where did Bobby disappear to
Posted 07/11/15 at 16:57:27

I am getting ready to cancel cable tv and go to direct tv. Cable does not seem to lend an ear to the consumer and what they like. Lizard Lick and South Beach towing were liked by many but as usual, Cable does not hear us. Too many food channels, science channels, constant repeat movies and other junk channels have been the boring norm with Cable. And the rates keep climbing. You people at Cable need to smarten up as the race is on for Direct TV. I am tired of clicking the remote all night and see nothing but repeats of foolish programs, and programs where two naked people run through the jungle and get covered in leeches and flies. Listen to your audience or your firm will be history. You take off something that everyone is saying they want yet you are putting a ridiculous show, called White People, and its intent is to make Caucasians feel guilty about the color of their skin. the link is here
To boot, it is being hosted by an undocumented immigrant, of which you can look it up and it is so, a Jose Vargas. People, look it up if you are unaware. Just type in 'MTV to host show called White People'. I saw the trailer. They have white people crying on air while Vargas makes them feel guilty about slavery, asks them what it feels like to be privileged, and other things. Adios cable, you went too far this time. You are truly racist. Instead, you remove good shows and replace it with garbage like that. Unreal. Should we have a show and ask the Muslims what it feels like to be so and have them cry and feel guilty with all that is going on? You would not dare hypocrite. I am going to bring this to a law office and find out what is racist about your new show and what to do if it causes psychological harm what can be done to sue Cable.
jimmy Haley
Posted 06/21/15 at 18:53:38

we have waited and waited for Liard Lick to come back on and finally I looked it and to my horror and surprise it had been canceled. Please bring back the Lick/ we feel like Ron, Amy, Bobby and Juicy are family.
Please please please bring back Lizard Lick Towing.
Posted 06/15/15 at 18:30:36

Please bring back Lizard Lick Towing!!!! My husband & I have been waiting for the show to come back on, you can't leave people hanging. Is the dog ok?? Who is after Ron?? This is a good show, bring it back & South Beach Tow too!!!

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