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American Chopper

On Air: Mar 31, 2003 - Dec 11, 2012
Network: Discovery

American Chopper Returning For A New Season

Discovery has renewed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

April 14, 2011

Discovery has renewed the Senior vs. Junior edition of American Chopper for a third season. It will be the ninth season of the series overall. The announcement was made today as the network unveiled its 2011-2012 upfront slate.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior was conceived after Paul Jr. left Orange County Choppers to start his own shop. With their relationship strained, the show now chronicles the rivalry between the two men and their businesses.

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Comments (31)

Posted 10/03/12 at 13:51:58

he show in the early years was pretty good....with Junior bespoke building the bikes and Rick and Vinnie helping .... Power was the downfall of bringing in the fool designer who tried to design bikes..... the designer becoming like a cuckoo and pandering to Snrs ego pushing out Jnr.....OCC now mainly build bikes from various parts catalogues.
Poor Mikey sidelined and made out to be an idiot when all h wanted was some recognition from his father....
senior is an egomaniac and all his so-called self stylrd old school bikes are utter rubbish...Jnr has the vision to move on.
Shame on the OCC crew who always rubbish Jnrs efforts in a snide way..... especially that bald headed ass kisser Mike....
BJ Evans
Posted 09/04/12 at 19:31:50

I have watched the show from the beginning. I just love the creative bike builds. I am really sick of phony Paul Jr. and his victim act (really old). He does know how to play to the media. I wonder how he feels now that OCC is still in business since he loudly proclaimed that without him it would fail. I like the way the guys are working at OCC and will be watching this new season.
Posted 09/04/12 at 15:16:07

American Chopper is one of the greatest shows ever looking forward to the new season love everybody on there and by the way Paul Jr's wife is gorgeous.
ben d. over
Posted 09/03/12 at 20:05:33

jr. and vinnie made sr. a very wealthy man, he should show some respect to them
Posted 08/29/12 at 19:31:16

If they have a new season I hope jr. is more respectful of his father. After all, sr. is his father. Respect is earned and not an entitlement. You just don't talk to ANY elder the way jr does period. If sr. was to run the business into the ground,so be it. It's his business, he made it. If jr doesn't like it, he can buy him out. Or do what he did do, move on. He obviously did alright business wise or he wouldn't have been able to start up Jr Design. Hope to see less drama and more bike building in the future.
Posted 08/27/12 at 16:17:13

I think they ruined the show with all the drama, I mean come on. Really . They need to cut the crap, get rid of Jason. Get back to building bikessomeone would actully want. Who is this pudgy fucker anyway. Horse bike come one, stupid idiots. Without Jr. They should turn it all over to Rick.
Paul Khatra
Posted 08/08/12 at 20:28:51

I feel that Senior has been let down
He made this happen, he gave his sons a chance that 99% of us can only dream about, he made the dream come to life and after all his effort he would leave OCC TO HIS SONS .
PAULIE should not get high on his own supply and I say his decision to leave his father, he will regret. Paulie you made a mistake your father is your father and you should stay loyal to your father and sort out the meltdowns by the likes of people like that bike designer who through the bike on to the floor
doug moore
Posted 07/04/12 at 10:48:05

Love the show would like to know beginning date for 2012
Posted 02/04/12 at 17:08:02

Jessie james it **** period
Posted 02/02/12 at 06:19:40

I wonder if senior watches the shows to see how poorly he comes off. Jesse James is a joke

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