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Switched at Birth

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On Air: Jun 6, 2011 - Present
Network: Freeform

Switched at Birth Picked Up For A Full Season

ABC Family has ordered 22 additional episodes of the freshman drama.

August 1, 2011

ABC Family has announced that it has picked up a full first season of Switched at Birth, ordering 22 more episodes of the freshman series. The show debuted back in June with an initial 10 episodes, and will return for the rest of its newly-ordered season in early 2012.

“Viewers have fallen in love with this show, just as we did when we first saw it,” said network president Michael Riley in a press release. “We set out this year to bring viewers more original content than ever before, all with the trademarks of our bright, authentic, quality storytelling. We’re so thrilled to see this series become a break-out hit this summer and become a key component of our programming lineup into next year.”

Switched at Birth follows two girls who find out that they were mistakenly given to the wrong parents as newborns. Since its premiere, the series has been ranking as ABC Family's Number 2 freshman season ever in total viewers and key demographics.

The show's summer finale airs Monday, August 8.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (31)

Andrea Marquez
Posted 04/08/13 at 15:45:17

I know that ABC Network it's not stupid enough to cancel a really good show. my nieces got me into watching switch at birth and now I got my mom into it. this program encouraged me to teach my son ASL. please dont cancel the program. alot of ppl would be devastated if you do.
Posted 01/17/13 at 14:37:45

When I found out that I could see the first season I was so curious and I was hooked. I am all caught up with it and now I even want to learn how to sign this show is worth watching it's amazing!!!
Posted 07/10/12 at 12:20:11

i hope this show comes back it is amazing. Please please please bring it back.
Posted 07/05/12 at 23:25:50

I already balled when they canceled Make it or Break it, and if they cancel this.... ABC Family will be screweddd. I was so obsessed with this show and it (like MIOBI) discussed real life issues like having a 'dissability' so to speak like deafness, family problems, trying to find who you are... but Secret Life is renewed for its elevnty-millionth season when all they do is repeat the same lines over and over and say sex at least once every.single.scene. Sorry...rant over.
Posted 07/03/12 at 09:43:56

Please KeeP Switched at Birth seasons coming!!! If ABC cancels this show it should start advertising, "Warning: before you watch this season, know that ABC Will cancel it, as we just like to cancel seasons of good shows, because our network, ABC, stands for oops, sorry you liked the show, who cares the reviews, its "Already Been Cancelled!" hence the ABC!
Posted 06/22/12 at 17:37:50

we need season 2 like NOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is one of the greatest shows in the world!!! if this show gets canceled then that would be soooo messed up
Posted 05/29/12 at 14:24:31

okay i have been hooked on this since the first time i saw it on netflix! i have been looking like a crazy person just to find episode 23!!!!:) i would hate to just have all those people to be stuck and wondering of what would happen next. SO DONT LEAVE ANYONE HANGING!!!!! i need to see this show so when is it coming out on netflix?!?!? NEED ANSWERS!!!! write a comment if u know when its coming out on netflix!:) thanks!
Posted 05/29/12 at 12:44:07

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love sab please please come back
Posted 05/24/12 at 22:15:45

I'm 45, and also thought this was going to be "too teeny bopper-ish, but I, too, have lost sleep watching episodes back to back after I stumbled upon the show on Netflix. In a few days I've watched all 22 episodes and can barely wait to see the next season. I'm officially addicted--it's killing me that it's not accessible now! Love seeing ASL being a key part of the show. I second the notion that there is way too much reality shows and junk on TV that poison the minds of our culture. I do hope you respond to the passionate reception to this show's mission by continuing it for a long, long time! Please show soon! Huge thanks!
Posted 04/15/12 at 09:42:44

I just discovered the show on netflix and fell in love with it! Yes I must admit i'm crushing on emmitt as well! I'm so upset they left us hanging like this. I hope there is more to come but i'm worried season 1 is all they have.

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