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Warehouse 13

On Air: Jul 7, 2009 - May 19, 2014
Network: Syfy

Warehouse 13 Renewed For Season 4

The Syfy drama will return next summer for another season.

August 11, 2011

Syfy has renewed its popular dramedy Warehouse 13 for a fourth season. The network has ordered 13 new episodes for Season 4, which will air next Summer.

Warehouse 13, which follows Secret Service agents working at a top-secret government facility that houses supernatural objects, has actually improved its ratings this current season versus its last, and it also holds the distinction of being Syfy's best performer in its Monday night lineup.

In a statement from Mark Stern, the network's president of original content, he commented, "Under executive producer Jack Kenny’s leadership, this superlative team of writers, cast, and crew continue to turn out a series that only gets better and better with every episode. Warehouse 13 is deservedly the most popular series in our history and we’re delighted to renew it for a fourth season.”

The series has only aired five episodes of its third season, which premiered last month and will run through to October. As mentioned earlier, Season 4 will kick off in the Summer of 2012.

[UPDATE - May 24, 2012]
Season 4 of Warehouse 13 will premiere on Monday, July 23, 2012.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (14)

Posted 09/29/12 at 22:25:55

out of all the supernatural shows this one is hands down the best .. in my books... im sorry to say reality tv doesnt do a thing for me...the amount of possibilitys to the writting of this show makes it a winner all ways..and the cast cant say enough about them ...awesome please keep this show going for us who cant wrap our heads around another reality show ... thumbs up warehouse 13
mike l
Posted 09/11/12 at 21:38:16

I have noticed new people added to the regular cast. So I assume they are happy with the show and will renew it for 2013??? Please post any news you get as to 2013. I would hate to see it canceled because it became to expensive to continue when by adding to the cast it had to raise the cost of production. These stupid networks keep shoting themselves in the foot and cancel good show.s.
Bath House
Posted 05/20/12 at 13:45:43

Great show. Wondering how Michael can live in a jungle without internet and yet post to the internet? And Michael...the word is "sane". I agree the show.
michael lannen
Posted 05/18/12 at 16:02:12

OH OH OH I just read that it will start airing July23 this summer. How come this site did not get the word??? Or has it changed again. What ever it is good news I can stop looking for more gray hairs. Seems like so many of the good show's get canceled all of which brings me closer to a nervous break down. Tv is my life. I am retired American 70 years old living in a Philippine jungle depending on the internet to keep me sain. Outside news travels by Jeepne or word of mouth. No internet no news.Need to use my machetti to cut a path to the putside world.. Things grow so fast here. Neighbor moved last year, his house is now burried under vines that have covered it. Need to spray area around my house monthly with plant killer if I did not I to would end up burried under vines and other exotic plants. Such is my life here.So you can see I need my SyFy shows to keep me sain or I tyo would end up burried in a non forgiving jungle.
Posted 05/14/12 at 09:10:01

Warehouse 13 is excellent. Claudia is QUEEN OF THE NERDS! I would like to see Eureka cast members on Warehouse.
Jack S.
Posted 05/14/12 at 07:50:55

What Peggy said..........
michael lannen
Posted 04/28/12 at 06:50:18

Peggy said all the words I was trying to say. Now if the show is getting better ratings and is their top one on Monday does it not make sence to promote the show. I feel that to many people have no idea what it is they think Warehouse??? must be some kind of auction show, very miss leading. Promote please keep the show for again another year. You have a good cast Never read or hear anything bad about them, their performance is excellent. We need more of this kind of entertainment. It is magical just like Eureka.Seems to be a no brainer to me. Thank you for letting me post my opinion. Oh the ratings, well I am a retired male 70 years of age do not know how that stacks up with your figures but I am loyal and wish loyality would mean something to you.
Posted 04/12/12 at 02:30:52

To the amazing actors,Joanne,Eddie,Saul,Allison,Genelle,the writers, producers,directors. This is one series that contains the very best cast and crew possible.It is Imagination unleashed. Plots with limitless continuity. Adventure, danger, intrigue, even occasional romance, not to forget passion for the most important of issues, loyalty,and love, for family and friends.This series has truly grown bigger,and together. And though a fantasy, I find such believability in not only the script, but in the absolute sincerity, and delivery of your performances. I think in this day, with all of the trials and struggles we face in life, it is better than a cool drink of water, to sit and forget my own drama;and join my favorite people in another place and time...even if for only 43 minutes and 45 seconds.I am so very grateful and appreciative of all of you,I thank you for your work. Please keep the series Warehouse 13 alive.I wish you much success in all you do. God bless you. Peggy
Dorothy Johnson
Posted 03/14/12 at 22:20:28

I like this show please keep it on the air and dont just end it with no ending.
Posted 03/05/12 at 19:37:03

Bring the show back soon. I am not in the typical demographic market that all the PR talks about. My family and friends are all waiting for the show. Warehouse 13 has great cast chemistry and fun plot lines.It has a hugh following in the northeast.
Also where is the Season Three DVD?

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