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Breaking Bad

On Air: Jan 20, 2008 - Sep 29, 2013
Network: AMC

Breaking Bad To Conclude With 16 Final Episodes

The drama has received one final renewal that marks an end to the series.

August 14, 2011

AMC has renewed Breaking Bad for a final 16 episodes to conclude the series. What is unknown at this time is if the extended episode order will air as one season or two. A typical season of the show has been 13 episodes.

"We've watched ‘Breaking Bad’ grow over the years with viewers, as championed by the unwavering support of critics and the well deserved accolades Vince and his talented actors have received. We’re looking forward to seeing Vince’s masterful storytelling come fully to fruition over the course of the series’ final episodes," said Zack Van Amburg, President, programming for Sony Pictures Television in a press release.

On the air since 2008, Breaking Bad has had a successful run on AMC, garnering widespread critical praise in categories such as writing, acting, and cinematography. The show has been awarded six Emmys, including three consecutive nods for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for star Bryan Cranston.

Production on the final episodes will start in early 2012, but a premiere date for the next season has not yet been announced.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (17)

Posted 04/13/13 at 12:33:32

i agree with robert. nothing is more enjoyable then a show that has you rooting for the " bad buy ". swordfish, tony sapranio, john q.. exc. even tho we all want walt to retire. happy. rich. we realize there is only one way this ends. walt must die. by cancer or rival or DEA. you live by the sword you die by the sword. BUT i hope the producers realize the potential for spin offs is high due to all the clandestine drug types there. walt can even live on as Hizenberg psudeonym.
Steele Butterflies
Posted 01/12/13 at 17:46:08

the last season was bad all it did was focus on
family and boredom.
just end it already since the fans have to wait a
whole year to watch the new season anyways.
Robert hernandez
Posted 08/23/12 at 13:20:22

Why do some of you think its AMCs fault that the show is ending. Its Ending. NOT being cancelled. Its the creators and not the network. Dont u think its time for these actors to shine? You ever hear of the Seinfeld curse? Show running too long and its cast can't get any kind of work cause theyre only known for playing that 1 character. It was a good run and you now have something to show your friends that have never seen the show.
Posted 07/11/12 at 22:35:02

Wow I am really surprised to see this be the shows final 16 espisodes. I live this show I came late to the party but caught up in one week on Netflix then bought the last season. I will howeve be glued to my TV starting Sunday and every Sunday till It over. With so much crap for lack of a better word on TV you'd think they keep it going. I don't want it to be drug out but the polt can go so many ways from here.
Posted 05/16/12 at 01:23:34

the season will be split in half in case anyone's still wondering, so says Vince Gilligan. and it mentions being around for another 2 years so I'm assuming it won't be one of those mid-season breaks
Posted 04/11/12 at 21:31:41

It's a great show. Best I've watched in forever. I wonder if the "last season" is just a ploy. It's happened before with some hit shows. It keeps options open and increases the buzz. Or maybe "Breaking Bad the Movie" is next?
Posted 03/10/12 at 14:43:50

This show was art! I do not understand this move
Posted 12/14/11 at 19:00:59

Having the story actually come to a close in a wonderfully constructed arc over this number of seasons is the best possible news for actual fans of narrative as art. Vince Gilligan is without a doubt the finest storyteller working in television today, and I am tremendously enthused to see what he will do next. I believe the best thing to do here is thank the show's creators, and to commend AMC for its wisdom in airing the thing in the first place. Keep up the great work, AMC.
Posted 10/05/11 at 17:40:18

Better the show go off in it's prime then jump the shark like so many other good shows.
Posted 09/26/11 at 09:59:57

Please don't cancel this amazing show. One more season will not be long enough to develop the story to wherever it needs to go. I never ever watch series programs on t.v.. There's so much garbage on t.v. This is the only weekly show that I've ever committed to - EVER!

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