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The Lying Game

On Air: Aug 15, 2011 - Mar 12, 2013
Network: Freeform

More Episodes Ordered For The Lying Game

ABC Family has topped up a full season of its latest drama.

September 18, 2011

ABC Family has ordered 12 additional episodes for the first season of The Lying Game, topping up its total to 22. The series is currently in the midst of its opening 10-episode run, which premiered on August 15.

(Source: ABC Family)

Comments (15)

Posted 11/05/13 at 21:11:00

I agree with everyone else ABCFamily keeps putting awesome shows out & then just cancels them. I would think they'd cancel Pretty Little Liars & several others before The Lying Game. Anyways cute show I hope a different network picks them up.
katie burk
Posted 07/28/13 at 13:59:55

i'am in love with the lying game so badly this show started a day before my birthday and ever seens i first saw it a watched it i feel right in love with is and not only did i loved it it gave me some ideas for my movie that i started to make its called the crave its about two twins and so far i've been trying to make my dream to come true and do somthing that i believe in and i thank you for the lying game for giveing me some ideas for my dream to come ture i love you lying game xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox the lying game fan for ever
Posted 07/23/13 at 17:39:20

Why on earth will you guys cancel The Lying Game, in fact this was the only reason why I watched ABC family. Why dont you guys cancel pretty little liars instead? I am sick and tired of it. It does not ever get anywhere. This is definately a big dissapointment!
Posted 06/14/13 at 13:33:05

Why are they always cancelling shows that we all watch and love. Then they never end the series. I have been waiting for ever for The Lying game to come back on and at least finish the series. They did the same thing with Secret Life said it was ending too. With out an real ending. What happens to Amy in New York? no one will ever know. They could have at least one more series of Lying game so we all have an ending. I hope they are not cancelling. It seems when ever we find a program really like they cut it out of the line up. I hope this cancellation is a mistake. Jennifer
Jennifer Olsen
Posted 06/14/13 at 13:28:34

What? I have been waiting forever to see when the next season begins and haven't heard has this show really been cancelled? Why do they do this just when it was really coming to a head. Why can't they finish the series before they cancel. They did the same thing with Ringer on CW 14 never an ending. I hope they really bring it back on it was one of my favorites. Let's see what happens to Secret Life they said the final on that too. But they could keep it on as well. Why are they always cancelling shows we all love?
Posted 05/29/13 at 19:38:11

I really enjoy this show <the lying game> i dont understand why they would cancel or even think about cancelling this show. if anyone has any information abot when or if this show will premiere again please post it for aall of us whom love the show. this is the only show that i really watch and im growing a little impation waiting for it to premiere again.
Posted 05/18/13 at 22:40:12

If ABCF cancels this show ( which i LOVE), then i have no more reason to even watch that station. I will be too pissed about yet ANOTHER good show being cancelled.
Posted 04/14/13 at 00:10:09

does anyone know what's going on with the lying game, i check to see if they have aired any new episode's for season 2 and it is always the same episode 10. apparently they have stopped the lying game does anyone know why? will they start it up again i really miss watching it :(
Posted 02/21/12 at 16:55:47

this is my new favorite show! it seems as if every show everyone starts liking gets cancelled... if this show ends up getting cancelled i'll be very disappointed.. this is by far the best show yetttt. :-)
Posted 10/26/11 at 10:19:25

I love this show! My sister told me to watch & at first I was not going to but then I decided too. Love, love it!! So, happy I it's not being cancelled. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following a foster kid who assumes the life of her newly found twin sister.


Alexandra Chando (Emma/Sutton)
Allie Gonino (Laurel)
Andy Buckley (Ted)
Helen Slater (Kristin)
Kirsten Prout (Charlotte)
Alice Greczyn (Madeline)
Blair Redford (Ethan)