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Once Upon a Time

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On Air: Oct 23, 2011 - Present
Network: ABC

Once Upon a Time Gets Full First Season

ABC has picked up the full season of its new fairy tale drama.

November 3, 2011

After an impressive start, Once Upon a Time has earned a full season pick-up from ABC. The 'back nine' order will increase the fairy tale drama's first season to 22 episodes from its original 13.

The series, which follows fairy tale characters trapped by a spell in the real world, has only aired two episodes of its freshman season so far. However impressive feedback from critics and viewers, combined with solid ratings in its 8:00pm Sunday time slot, were obviously enough for the network to have confidence in the show's future.

ABC also ordered full seasons of Last Man Standing and Happy Endings today. New drama Pan Am received an order for additional scripts but fell short of a full-season pick-up - not a good sign for the airline drama.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (24)

Posted 08/25/13 at 19:31:49

I love this show! Will it be on this season (2013)?
Posted 05/27/13 at 19:43:47

Posted 04/10/13 at 14:51:39

This show is my fricken life. If it get canceled i will have no reason to live anymore.
Barbara Lara
Posted 05/16/12 at 17:22:58

I love the show, but also I hate them!!!! Why should they have to kill Graham???
Come on, life is hard so we deserve happy endings at least on tv shows.
Posted 05/14/12 at 15:39:41

Love this show!!! I got Hulu plus just to see all the episodes to get caught up!!! Can't wait for the next season!! Great cast, I sure love that Rumplestilskin!!
Posted 04/12/12 at 13:28:17

Great show and J. Morrison is always easy on the eyes.
Posted 04/10/12 at 19:34:16

I love the show but I just started watching it durring the 8 ep and I can't find the other eps eny where and what time is it showing
Posted 04/08/12 at 13:25:49

This is an AWESOME show! Seriously, WHO can think of anything better then this? And ginnifer makes a GREAT snow white, better then the one in 'mirror mirror' just saying. Ass >_<
Posted 03/22/12 at 14:06:19

I love this show, please keep it on, as others have commented its a family show; and I love the cast. thank you.
Posted 03/09/12 at 17:03:58

This is the worst show on earth. Storyline is very weak. Casts don,t know how to act. Snow white look like so old and ugly no way near "fairest of all". This is a show for the not deep at all.

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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A fantasy drama inspired by classic fairy tales but set in present day.


Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White / Sister Mary Margaret)
Jennifer Morrison (Emma)
Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold)
Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen/Regina)
Jamie Dornan (Sheriff Graham)
Jared Gilmore (Henry)
Josh Dallas (Prince Charming/John Doe)
Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Archie)