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Sons of Anarchy

On Air: Sep 3, 2008 - Dec 9, 2014
Network: FX

Sons of Anarchy Renewed For Season 6

FX has renewed motorcycle drama for a sixth season.

February 7, 2012

FX drama Sons of Anarchy has been renewed for a sixth season. The news comes along with reports that the show's creator has also been inked to a new three-year deal.

The last new episode of the series was its fourth season finale, which aired December 6, 2011. It was  renewed for a fifth season last October but a premiere date has yet to be announced. It is expected that new episodes will return later this year.

Update: Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy will premiere on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 10:00pm ET/PT with a special 90-minute episode.

Comments (25)

Posted 08/09/14 at 13:44:05

Final season starts September 9th.
Posted 03/11/14 at 22:48:31

Do we know if this has been picked up for season 7? It's been a while since the last update.
K Moon
Posted 11/21/13 at 20:53:52

I live for this show!! Most entertaining show on t.v. Wish poser wannabes would stop popping up all over though like in Brunswick Ohio "Brad Peterson". Bought his way into Hells Angels and is a closet homo.
William Partridge
Posted 11/21/13 at 11:59:21

As a White Upstanding Veteran HA!! I see some of you do not get it!! Bikers are a two sided deal By this I mean Harley-Davidson has Harley Owners Group and Every Dealership has a Riding Group with a different name for them as a sub-Chapter for Harley. I was associated with Fullerton CA, Dealership group a great group of people and American Thunder a non affiliate of any chapter but followed the guidelines of HOG. Son's is based on the Day to Day activities of Outlaw Clubs get it? Club's from all over the world with very few relying on others and always in fights with other clubs. No Fists but allot of Knives in CA. So the Drugs, Guns, Shootings, Killings of Club members is Life as a 1% member So as stated Above this show is for Real Like it or not it shows real life as a Club Member one Boss and you had better do what they say or???? you may just disappear
So Who want's to Join???
Posted 11/07/13 at 13:07:44

I really wanted to like this show ,and at first I did,but to see the way the show has gone since returning I hate every scene.Jax thinks he can just kill people and walk away untouch.His mom is a sad excuse for a mother,she should have vanished some seasons ago.Jax keeps trying to get Tig killed,but claiming to care about him.Clay is in prison for a lie.How can they claim this to be a great show?
Daniel Lawniczak
Posted 10/02/13 at 17:42:07

is the sons coming back next year was told that jax is moving on
Posted 08/30/13 at 21:49:52

I'm hoping that Son's of Anarchy, continues like Bonanza/Gunsmoke did, for @ least 10 or more years! It's a Damn good show! Better than some of the newer shows coming on the A and E network(Simpsons, family guy, all of the Cajun shows from Louisiana. If Cajun Justice was
still on the air, that's ok. But the other shows, that's
just a waste of network money, as well as prime time space.
Cathy Hurtado
Posted 08/30/13 at 14:52:06

Best show ever, counting down the days until season 6 starts. Every week there's a new twist and Jax is Hottttt!! Please do not ever cancel this show. P.S. I really hate all reality T.V. shows and think they need to keep more shows on like Sons of Anarchy.
julie rodriquez
Posted 07/27/13 at 09:56:19

I call it the sons of entertaining.However, anyone who really knows what tbe Red and White is knows they do not call themselves Hells I know first hand the so called Hells Angels are now filled with yuppie posers. The real deal is The Red and White. The things I know first hand we never brag about or speak of and tbey are way off on the show about what actually happens ,and further more ol,ladies like Jemma would never be tolarated. Yes the show is fun and great to watch but real absolutly not least from what i know and what i know i wont talk about it goes 6 feet down with me.
kenton(make them) crye
Posted 06/04/13 at 13:23:15

you need to email for my picture and stats as a biker outlaw as ive been one most my life...go 1%.....add me to your show wont be disappointed

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Charlie Hunnam (Jax)
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Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby)
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Tommy Flanagan (Chibs)
Ryan Hurst (Opie)
Johnny Lewis (Half Sack)
William Lucking (Piney)
Theo Rossi (Juice)
Maggie Siff (Tara)
Ron Perlman (Clay)