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On Air: Aug 16, 2010 - Present
Network: truTV

Hardcore Pawn Returning For Season 6

truTV has ordered up another round of the reality series.

February 16, 2012

truTV has announced that its long-running reality series Hardcore Pawn has been renewed for a sixth season. Along with the news was the announcement of a spin-off of the show titled Hardcore Pawn: Fort Bragg, which will premiere later this year with a focus on military equipment and weapons.

As for Hardcore Pawn, the show is set to resume its fifth season on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. Season 6 of the series will debut later this year.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (18)

Posted 12/18/12 at 21:50:20

personally I'd love to donkey punch Ashley and Seth.Les its a huge rip off as well... I've now got dumber for watcng this show. I honestly cannot wait for the show to get cancelled and Ashley and Seth die!
Posted 12/04/12 at 09:05:25

The show sucks OUT LOUD!! All the drama, yelling and screaming is over the top. White trash with a few bucks.
Posted 08/19/12 at 02:18:23

While watching a episode of Jerry Springer I saw Seth off Hardcore Pawn working as one of Jerry's security.His is Dad not paying him enough.
Martin burns
Posted 08/12/12 at 14:57:31

The truth of the matter is that Seth and ashley are two spoilt rich kids who have little or no respect for any human being let alone their father. I love les and the show but would I like to kick ash and Seth up the ass ?well what do you think
Posted 07/19/12 at 10:27:32

I really enjoy the show. Ashley should grow a mustache that she can twirl when listening at a closed door. Give Seth a chance, he has some good ideas. The machine that checked metals is a indication. The old way with acid was just that, old. Ashley wouldnt mind the business going down the drain if it meant Seth would be blamed. If they (Seth and Ashley) are the future owners, they have to grow up. Or maybe their arguments are for tv. Even with all that crap going on, i still enjoy the show.
Posted 07/17/12 at 18:30:35

P.S. Les if by some miracle you see this I wanted to say you have to rehire Rich. That guy is awesome and seems to care about your store location. Yes people make mistakes but you cant fire the guy for not telling you that you were making a bad deal. I obviously wasn't there but it looked like he didn't intentionally do it. As for the girls that walked out of the store with 1000.00 worth of gold I don't think you can fault him there either. Its a pawn business, buying cheap and selling for a marginal profit is the name of the game. 350.00 was a fair offer. many times I have seen where you guys make an offer and the customer says "no" to just see them come back in either minutes or a day later willing to make the trade. Anyway hope you guys hire him back. I think he is an asset to your store and show.
Posted 07/17/12 at 18:17:16

I am commenting on the user named "cancel" who left a post on 7/8/12 who would like to have this show removed. I actually find the show entertaining and a bit funny at times. You called Les an idiot but I would wager that he knows how to use a spell check. I bet this person tried to pawn something there and got thrown out of the store for acting rude lol.
Posted 07/10/12 at 19:52:59

Rich is the only person who knows what is going on @ the store and u want to fire him. Shame on you Les
Posted 07/08/12 at 21:14:30

This show is horrible tru tv is horrible to I don't get it tru tv should mean real tv right or am I missing something I'd rather be tied to a chair and forced to watch the kardashianis for 24 hours straight then to have to see a episode of this crap proeduced **** show I could make a better show of me take in a fat **** with a 10 year old cell phone cam then this crap by fat hardcore pawns is as ****ty as detroits itself the only thing worth while from there is robocop I test my case sign a petition to have this idiot and his family canceld please I pray to the rateing gods
Advice true tv try real tv for once the only thing ur have that's real is re runs of cops lol and that's outdated
Posted 07/03/12 at 23:21:36

Hello Gold Family, My husband and I never miss a show, we love it. There are a couple of things we really dislike about the show, it does'nt stop us from watching but, it just makes us so upset we wish we could jump thru the t.v. and like shake some sense into you, Les! Are you so blinded as a parent that you can't see how disrespectful Seth is? He treats you badly. He also treats Ashley awful. He's so full of himself its sickening. I realize Ashley is'nt perfect and she does make mistakes and can come accross as "bitchy" but, at least she's not so in your face disrespectful like Seth. He needs to be taken down a notch or two. Shame on you Les for letting him get away with it! His attitude towards you and his sister is appalling. I have children and believe me if one of them even thought of treating me or any one else the way Seth does you they would regret it immediately. I apologize if you think I'm out of line for saying what I have but, as a parent and a fan of the show I just had to say something. Please do'nt just throw this out without giving it some serious thought.
Thank you, From a loyal fan

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