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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

On Air: Oct 6, 2000 - Sep 27, 2015
Network: CBS

CSI Renewed For Season 13

The original lives on while its spin-offs await their fate.

March 14, 2012

CBS has announced that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been renewed for a thirteenth season. But while the long-running original series in the franchise will continue, one or both of its spin-offs may not.

The network's announcement today included the renewal of nine dramas, but neither CSI: Miami nor CSI: NY were included in the list of returning shows. Decisions on their fate will be made at a later date. For now, it is at least certain that the long-running CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will continue on for the 2012-2013 season.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (7)

Posted 04/26/13 at 18:02:05

I like csi investigations,and I also like ncis, I cant stand Golden boy or los vegas
Posted 01/04/13 at 03:05:45

The original csi is absolutely awesome. The others are good but csi las vegas is the best. It has undergone a few cast changes which is upsetting but you start loving the new actors after a short while. I hope that they continue as long as possible.
Posted 09/12/12 at 13:34:10

I am up for that, cancell all the reality shows so stupid.
Posted 08/29/12 at 19:25:52

Me gustan todas las CSI y definitivamente mis favoritas son MIAMI Y NY espero que CBS renueve MIAMI porque sino nos deja inconclusa la trama en donde quedò.
Otra de mis series super favoritas de NCIS que espero con asia su regreso
Angela Blalock
Posted 05/10/12 at 11:00:22

My husband and I dislike "CSI: Miami" so much that, after wading through several years of horrible acting and watching Horatio whip off those stupid sunglasses, spouting one-liners, we had to just stop watching it. I think the cast is very weak, even though the plot-lines were good. Its non-renewal would be a blessing. (I realize that we are in the minority here).
Posted 05/05/12 at 18:16:55

i heard that eric szmanda and jorja fox are renewing their contract for season 13. is this true? are they leaving csi?
rico rodriguez
Posted 03/30/12 at 18:19:03

I like csi very much but my favorite is csi miami. So I hope that cbs doesn't screw up again like they did with some of the other good shows and take that off. I'd rather see the good wife canceled, and how about half or all the stupid reality shows. B O R I N G

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