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Game of Thrones Renewed For Season 3

HBO is bringing back the medieval drama for a third season.

April 10, 2012

HBO has announced that Game of Thrones has been renewed for a third season. The series, which is based on a series of fantasy novels, just began its second season on April 1 with a premiere episode that has grossed 8.3 million viewers.

There is no word on the number of episodes planned for Season 3 of Game of Thrones but an order of 10 is likely, which would be in line with the show's first two seasons.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (19)

Posted 02/15/13 at 11:18:19

Watching season 1 and 2 I kept waiting for at least one happy ending, poor Starks! I want so bad to see those 2 dragons grow up and eat that rotten little king! The way it's going, that rotten little bastard king will probably own the dragons 2 and have some kind of party where 1by 1 he uses the dragons to slowly roast the people!
This show is so addicting, yes they need like 24 episodes per season and run 8 seasons! And a couple of movies with the Game of thrones would be killer!
Posted 09/26/12 at 15:48:11

Julie...never believe what you hear and don't post what you don't believe. Now filming in Ireland.
Posted 09/04/12 at 03:30:42

It was cancelled. I saw the actor, Charles Dance, who plays Tywain Lanester, and he said there was no third season. :(
Posted 08/11/12 at 21:59:47

When I look for the show in the hbo go app it says to watch the complete series; that's usually done only for series that are not coming back. Is it confirmed that there will be a season 3? I sure hope so. Can anyone confirm?
Hiway Dave
Posted 08/05/12 at 01:48:57

Very excited to see the next season of this series. while watching, I find myself trying not to look at the clock so that I don't worry about that hour slipping by so fast! Can't wait until season 3 starts.
Posted 07/22/12 at 06:06:54

Can't wait till this 3rd season gets here. My husband are reading the books
And watching the re-runs
awesome !
Posted 07/16/12 at 07:11:05

Awesome series, can't wait for season 3!
Aldo Perna
Posted 06/18/12 at 02:06:36

My wife and I have watched season 1 and 2,and sad that we have to wait for season 3 ,sadly I do not believe that it has aired on Australian TV,Come on season 3,fantastic series
Posted 06/12/12 at 22:16:55

@karen "Now I have to wait forever to find out what he does."

how bout this....try reading the books?

[spoiler below]

good news for you is that tyrion is clearly Martin's favorite character and will probably be around for awhile. as always, don't get too in love with the starks, though.
Posted 06/12/12 at 02:54:07

Best series on tv. I love it so much, I too am depressed when the hour ends. I was also depressed when I found I was watching the next to last episode so soon. There needs to be many more episodes per season. I love the charcter Peter Dinklage plays and his superb acting. I don't like how he ended up as an outcast fighting for his life, instead of the hero he is. Now I have to wait forever to find out what he does. And those baby dragons, they need to grow up. And that undead snow king...what's up with that? And Winterfell being burnt to a crisp. I can't stand the wait and I'm having heart palpatations over it. I better not die before next season. And if I do, I will come back as a ghost and haunt somebody till they turn it on.

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