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On Air: Sep 9, 2008 - Jan 18, 2013
Network: Fox

Fringe Renewed For Fifth And Final Season

Fox will conclude the sci-fi drama with 13 final episodes.

April 27, 2012

Fox has announced that Fringe has been renewed for next season, which will see the series conclude with 13 final episodes. Amidst falling ratings and time slot changes over the years, Fringe has persevered, bolstered by its legion of loyal fans. The final, shortened season of Fringe is a smart way for the network to provide those fans a satisfying end to the series, rather than have the show pulled abruptly from the schedule mid-storyline.

Season 4 of Fringe is currently winding down, with three episodes remaining until the finale on Friday, May 11, 2012. The fifth season is scheduled for the 2012-2013 season, but no premiere date has been announced.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (32)

Posted 08/07/13 at 08:55:54

This was the best series show on television. It should never have been cancelled.
Posted 07/23/13 at 00:51:36

I love the fringe series , I was at a broke down air hanged in niagra falls ,and though .this could be another fringe set and episode . Thanks fringe for keeping my amgination going
Posted 02/14/13 at 15:58:52

The show was good when it came out and through most of season 3... then it just starting spinning out of its own spectrum of "Fringe" phenomena. Season 5 was a complete departure from the original and could no longer be called "Fringe"... it was a different show that coincidentally used the same characters.
Char H.
Posted 01/27/13 at 20:55:56

Fringe Cast and Crew- Thank you for the best entertainment possible on tv. You've kept my husband and I on the edge of our seats and we couldn't wait for the next episode! You NEVER let us down. Sorry the number crunchers let you down, you did not deserve that. Everyone knows that it's not the quantity it's the quality that counts, and you will always remain high quality in our hearts. Forever Fringe Fans!
Shannon M
Posted 01/13/13 at 09:30:33

I agree that it is time for Fringe to end. I think this last season deviated from what was good about it because it is really hard to keep coming up with fresh and unique ideas. I loved this show and I am glad they are ending it while I still love it. I think the time has come. I am looking forward to seeing what Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv will do next.
Posted 01/07/13 at 08:41:24

I LOVE Fringe, and am so sad to see it go! I do think this last season got away from what I truly enjoyed about the show.
They should have left it like it was before the Observers took over!
It was very interesting to see them tackle the many odd happenings!
Mike davis
Posted 12/20/12 at 14:08:59

I am a fan of the show, but this last year the show has really gotten away from the things I really liked about it. I am watching it now to see how it ends.
Posted 12/18/12 at 21:46:44

still can't believe this show is ending! one of the BEST SHOWS EVER!!!!! SOOOO SAD :(
Sandy Sprock
Posted 12/12/12 at 15:15:50

I am still trying to get over Fringe ending. It is my favorite show. If wishing would extend it, I wish it would last for a little while longer. I do have all the season dvds, but will miss having new episodes. The cast is wonderful, and have become my favorite cast on TV.
Posted 11/29/12 at 21:15:10

I will really miss this show and wish they would keep it as it is really a great show!

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