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Last Man Standing

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On Air: Oct 11, 2011 - Present
Network: ABC

ABC Renews Last Man Standing

Tim Allen's new comedy will return for the 2012-2013 season.

May 11, 2012

ABC announced today that Last Man Standing has been renewed for a second season. Tim Allen's return to network television has been a successful one so far, with the series garnering praise from critics and viewers alike. Ratings-wise, the show averaged roughly a 2.3 among adults 18-49 - not bad for its 8:00pm Tuesday night time slot, where it has been paired with Cougar Town.

No word on a return date or the number of episodes ordered for Season 2 of Last Man Standing, but one might expect an October return with an episode count in the 22 to 24 range.

(Source: ABC)

Comments (41)

Posted 05/17/14 at 15:55:22

I absolutely love tim allen! He was awsome years ago in tool time and hes awsome now! They have great chemistry on the show and small bits of controversy are enjoyed. Please bring this show back! What other comedy is on for us moddle aged single people to watch on a friday! Haha networks have to give time for shows to catch some rythem. They take them off so fast we dont get a chance to fall in love with them! Keep this show on!
Bill & Anne
Posted 05/08/13 at 14:17:57

Love, Love, this show "Last Man Standing". Always liked Tim Allen from way back & enjoyed his humor & quick wit. Please don't remove this show. Like someone mentioned before, It's nice to bring back good comedy shows with Tim Allen & Mike & Molly. There are too many police shows, reality show, & boring Lets live all together & see who can be the biggest PIG on national TV...
Kelly Machado
Posted 05/05/13 at 09:16:23

When is Last Man Standing coming back on. My husband and I LOVE this show. Please don't cancel this.
Posted 04/29/13 at 13:36:23

I love this show,have missed it because i did not know where or when it was moved. glad to know it is still on and now i know when to watch . Thank you for the laughter.
Posted 04/28/13 at 20:15:24

My teenager son and I love this show and we watch it together all the time. Mom has seen a few episodes and can't help but laugh as well. Great no punches pulled comedy !
Posted 04/27/13 at 06:21:34

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show and Tim Allen. Nancy is a super actress as well. So glad good comedy has returned to prime time TV and not another silly reality show or cop drama. BORING! More Tim Allen and Mike and Molly please! And please, please keep this show on the air. Who cares what the show portrays that's a huge step to improving family television once again.
Posted 04/20/13 at 06:29:40

We the public LOVE your opinionated bigoted portrate of the disapearing american conservative. What we could do with less of is idiots like cj phelps
Posted 04/12/13 at 16:32:36

Love this show.But I wish it was on another night.
Posted 03/27/13 at 14:53:00

PLEASE! Do not cancel Last Man Standing. It is THE BEST show we have seen for a long time. We love the way it is written, the content, and the lessons being taught in each episode. FINALLY, a great show that the whole family can watch and each one of us LOVES the show. Just as good or better than Home Improvement. PLEASE continue this show indefinitely.
Posted 03/21/13 at 10:49:24

We liked this show at first, but then the return of the ex-boyfriend, baby-daddy character turned us off. He's obviously been added as a joke-foy for Tim Allen to play off, but he's unsympathetic, obnoxious and always looks rumpled and dirty. We groan when he appears. If he's not liked by the parents, why is he always around at the kitchen table, sofa, etc???
Also the contant yin-yang of the characters ideals is getting annoying. During the presidential election it was waaaaaaaaay too much with the Obama v/s Romney, Republican v/s Democrate, conservative v/s liberal thinking and snipping. We don't turn into a light-comedy show for the same stuff we have to listen to on the noon and evening news!
Then adding the black neighbors and the Black v/s White adversity between Tim Allen and the African American guy was the last draw. Wow, they don't get along. Who would have seen THAT ONE coming? Duh.
Lately we've dropped it from our viewing habits.

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A comedy following one man's mission to reclaim his manhood in a house dominated by women.


Tim Allen (Mike)
Nancy Travis (Vanessa)
Molly Ephraim (Mandy)
Alexandra Krosney (Kristin)
Kaitlyn Dever (Eve)
Hector Elizondo (Ed)