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Body of Proof

On Air: Mar 29, 2011 - May 28, 2013
Network: ABC

Body of Proof Renewed For Third Season

The Dana Delany medical drama will return for 2012-2013.

May 11, 2012

ABC has announced that Body of Proof has been renewed for a third season. The medical procedural starring Dana Delany aired its season finale last month, capping a 20-episode second season.

Word is that 13 episodes have been ordered Season 3. No return date has been announced as of yet.

UPDATE: Season 3 of Body of Proof will premiere on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

(Source: ABC)

Comments (65)

Posted 02/06/15 at 10:10:04

what is wrong with you people really rotten shows like 3-1/2 men they leave on--nobody I know watches that trash BUT really good shows like Body of Proof they cancel??????? what are they thinking
Rick Somerville
Posted 02/13/14 at 08:27:07

BOP is one of the best drama seires I have ever liked in a long time. As usual everytime something good comes along,someone in management say,s to cut it because they don,t like it anymore. (it sucks) if this continues we will drop all of abc channels all together
Posted 12/10/13 at 06:25:17

Please keep this show! I love it! I agree with all of the previous comments!!
Posted 11/12/13 at 17:48:43

I am very sad that this show is now off the AIR. There are other shows that should be off the air and they are not. They should bring the back soon.
Posted 10/17/13 at 19:49:42

I think BOP is a very good show and is something you can watch without spending the kids to bed. 2 broke girls,and a few others should be took off the air. People don't always want to see and hear junk and rotten language on every show they watch. PLEASE bring it back
Arlene Hawkins
Posted 09/03/13 at 16:59:01

I love BOP I sure hope it comes back
Posted 06/21/13 at 07:09:20

b.o.p is one of the BEST shows on televison as of late & there are so many clone shows-reality shows that need to be cancelled instead,along withe the network ( Mtv)! the staff of ABC,CBS,etc should think long & hard of their own before cancelling a show & alienating viewership and ratings...B.O.P. would be a great show for picking up
by another network ( HINT-HINT,poke-poke NBC )...there hare,have been a lot of crappy shows put on air ala kardashians ( Please cancell that !) & good shows got shot down ( Special Unit 2,etc)....
Pamela Gale
Posted 06/12/13 at 06:50:07

I love Body of Proof and will be really upset if it is cancelled.There are very few shows I enjoy these days but this is one of them
Posted 06/05/13 at 15:57:34

Abc- please reconsider your cancellation. You FINALLY have a winner and you are making a big programming mistake. Get busy filming for 2014 PLEASE!
Posted 06/03/13 at 16:09:49

Really a cool program. Interesting characters and excellent story lines. Why in the world are you cancelling this program? There are not enough programs with strong leading ladies!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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A medical drama starring Dana Delany


Dana Delany (Megan)
Nicholas Bishop (Peter)
Jeri Ryan (Kate)
John Carroll Lynch (Bud)
Sonja Sohn (Samantha)
Geoffrey Arend (Elliot)
Windell Middlebrooks (Curtis)