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Fear Factor

On Air: Jun 11, 2001 - Feb 12, 2012
Network: NBC

Fear Factor Cancelled Again

The revived reality series falls short of its predecessor.

May 15, 2012

NBC has cancelled Fear Factor - again. The revived reality competition only aired six episodes in a comeback that didn't work out nearly as well as the show's original incarnation.

When Fear Factor premiered back in 2001 it was an unexpected hit for NBC, a network not known for airing reality shows. Its success continued for a few seasons, but as years passed the show's format became stale and it was cancelled in 2006 after six seasons and 144 episodes.

NBC surely hoped to rekindle some of Fear Factor's original success, however it was not to be. The show quickly came and went, and was left off of the network's 2012-2013 schedule.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (24)

Posted 06/02/13 at 21:11:31

I really love fear factor
Posted 04/07/13 at 19:50:25

Posted 03/16/13 at 10:20:11

Meredith Troy
Posted 02/09/13 at 21:30:23

I was sooo excited when I heard that Fear Factor was returning. I watched every episode of its first run, & was so mad that is was canceled. And then it got canceled again after only 6 episodes. NOT FAIR! I feel like NBC did the old Bait & Switch gag on all of us! URGH!!
Posted 02/09/13 at 02:03:54

As a person who about 95% of the time despises reality TV, I was in love with Fear Factor, watched every episode of the show in its original incarnation. Was very upset when it was cancelled and like many others, very, very happy when it was brought back in 2012. But of course NBC being NBC had to go and cancel the show once again after a meager 6 episodes, one of many reasons I hate to even give any show on network TV a chance anymore. Every single time I get excited about a show one of these fool networks cancel it well before its time, now I understand that I am only one viewer and that in the grand scheme of things my opinion means almost nothing, but with the way things have been in my personal experience I think I will be sticking with BBC and payed channel (HBO, Showtime, etc) shows from now on, quality programming that just might be given the chance it deserves to thrive instead of being canceled before it can live up to its potential.
Posted 02/07/13 at 16:52:43

i am a fear factor junkie. i am irritated that the show has been cancelled again. i even you tube for the uk and aussie episodes.
Posted 01/22/13 at 17:33:18

I loved fear factor and think they was stupid to take it off the air
Posted 12/12/12 at 06:56:10

That blows!!! This show was the one that I think started the reality TV shows. This show is the Grandfather of all reality shows, which some of those really SUCK, are really STUPID and should be cancelled. But not Fear Factor!! It's one the very outstanding greatest show in history of TV. This show SHOULD NOT have been cancelled!!
Posted 12/04/12 at 20:14:40

Are you serious, I was looking forward to this, and was enjoying the new episode then they go and cancel it?

I hate when Networks do this ****. You didn't even give it a chance to be successful again, idiots.
Nick Downham
Posted 10/10/12 at 14:51:47

I was really excited when my favorite shoe , Fear Factor came on TV again in 2012 , but my excitement was short-lived when the people at NBC cancelled the show again after a meagre 6 episodes. I say give Fear Factor another chance !!!

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