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On Air: Sep 20, 2011 - Jan 22, 2016
Network: A&E

CBS Un-Cancels Unforgettable

The detective drama will return to the air next summer.

June 29, 2012

CBS has officially confirmed that freshman drama Unforgettable has been un-cancelled, and will return to the air for summer 2013.

The Poppy Montgomery-led series was one of a large number of fall shows that were cancelled back in May by the four major networks, but was the highest-rated of the bunch to get the axe.

Word is that 13 episodes have been ordered.

(Source: Twitter)

Comments (29)

Posted 11/23/13 at 06:57:13

So happy to hear they are bringing one of my favorite shows back, thank you CBS for renewing Unforgettable. Hope this show will not be cancelled again, CBS was crazy for cancelling before, what were they thinking when they did that, if they cancelled Unforgettable once more I will stop watching CBS shows.
Dodgy dave
Posted 09/15/13 at 21:49:56

seems to be sunk without trace at ep 7 of series 2 hope we get the other 6 episodes.
Posted 09/11/13 at 07:54:06

I'm a bit concerned when they seemed to end last weeks show with no explanation of whether or not this was a season finale. If it wasn't they offered no, "Will return in two or three weeks"...Absolutely nothing?
Bill Thackrey
Posted 09/07/13 at 22:24:34

It's hard to have too much respect for CBS, particularly after the recent Time Warner debacle, in which they showed their true colors by rogering their viewership.
But they DID renew Unforgettable, and that's a Very Good Thing. Of course the first week it's back, they screw it in major markets because of the Time Warner idiocy. With any luck the series will survive the awkward restart and go on for many seasons to come.
Poppy Montgomery is in her prime and really delivers with her Carrie Wells character. And her on-screen chemistry with Dylan Walsh is extraordinary. This is a smart, fun show with a unique premise and a terrific cast.
Note to CBS: Renewing Unforgettable=GOOD; Hosing your viewers by being greedy with TWC=BAD
Posted 07/24/13 at 13:14:18

SO excited!! I was very disappointed when I heard they cancelled the show. I couldn't believe it. So pumped to see the season premier!!
Posted 05/09/13 at 22:23:27

i heard they were cancelling this so i quit watching the show will they be airing any of the first series on tv to catch us up?
Posted 01/16/13 at 11:46:22

checking all my shows. so glad it's been picked up again, love this show!
Posted 11/15/12 at 09:11:43

I'm glad I checked here. I was getting worried when I didn't see Unforgettable on the Fall schedule. So glad to see it is coming back. I really like this show. Too many reality shows on TV and not enough real entertainment.
Posted 10/22/12 at 09:18:44

I couldn't believe they cancelled this show in the first place. I'm pretty much right on about good and bad shows and I thought this one was pretty good and I was really surprised when I heard it was cancelled.I'm glad they are giving it another chance.
Posted 09/28/12 at 12:01:12

I am so glad to see this show was renewed. It seems every time I find a show I like they cancel it. I hope that this show will be on a long time. I aslo hope that this show will come out on DVD

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