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On Air: Jul 17, 2011 - Present
Network: Spike

Bar Rescue Renewed For Season 3

The reality series is returning for 20 more episodes.

August 22, 2012

Spike TV has renewed Bar Rescue for a third season. The network has ordered 20 episodes of reality series that follows top nightlife consultant, Jon Taffer, helping failing establishments reinvigorate their businesses.

Look for Season 3 of Bar Rescue to premiere in the first quarter of 2013.

(Source: Spike TV)

Comments (11)

Carolyn Gailey
Posted 02/24/14 at 18:04:46

To the person who couldn't even leave a name. You watch 2 episodes and think you know what you are talking about? This guy has save a lot of places and if he hadn't those people would have been bankrupt and lost their homes. Go get a real life. I don't like his yelling either but sometimes that's the only way to get things done. If you don't like it don't watch it. I wouldn't doubt you are one he turned down for a good reason. I love it.
Kay Ball
Posted 03/03/13 at 13:10:05

I don't see anyone being held hostage to make them watch the show. I really enjoy TRUTH! The people who hate the show probably do not like being told they need to change. I wonder who pays for the renovations? If the show covers all the renovations that is too awesome. It is great for the people being helped.
Posted 02/17/13 at 14:24:23

Bar owners BEWARE. If I find out that ASS***E Jon Taffer has 'saved' YOUR bar, not only will I NOT patronize you, I'll make sure the word gets out that NO one patronizes you. That guy is the scum of the earth, no respect for human beings, probably because he ISN'T a human being, poor excuse for one anyway. I have watched this show a couple of times and I'm DONE. I hope it gets canceled. Dumb A**
Sally Redfield
Posted 01/18/13 at 19:20:27

I wish Bar Rescue was on now!! Why so long off the air? It is an amazing show and John Taffer is the GREATEST!! He knows how to keep the story moving and pull it all together in the end. Please put more of his shows on. Thank you.
Posted 10/27/12 at 13:12:41

I love this show and can't wait to see more. Congrats Jon Taffer on such a wonderful show. My favorite parts are seeing the buildings get turned around.
Posted 10/24/12 at 17:41:03

Love Bar Rescue, it's the only reality show worth watching on TV! Keep up the good work John Taffer, love it!!!
Paul V
Posted 10/08/12 at 08:11:07

Al, Chas and Keith. You do not like the show? Why would you leave a comment if you were not interested. Makes no sense. Bar rescue is a good show
Posted 10/07/12 at 08:40:11

I love this show, so glad they got another season, and Mr. Taffer is amazing, his ideas and plans that he executes are some of the best in the business. I have learned a lot from this show and I am more aware of the situation when me and the hubby go out. I think it's good to put that awareness out their for patrons to see and look for a germ free bar and kitchen to avoid illness and other things, thankyou bar rescue and John Taffer, may you have much success with this show and helping people. - Amanda- Gulf Breeze , Florida
Posted 09/05/12 at 08:04:48

As usual, pure garbage is renewed. Who the hell watches this stuff?
Posted 08/26/12 at 13:46:35

This show is ridiculous! The show centers around Jon Taffer, who most people in the industry consider an IDIOT!

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