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Royal Pains

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On Air: Jun 4, 2009 - Present
Network: USA

Royal Pains Renewed For Two More Seasons

The medical drama will return in 2013 for 26 additional episodes.

September 25, 2012

USA Network announced today that it has picked up an additional 26 episodes of Royal Pains to air over the next two seasons. The medical drama recently wrapped its forth season and will return for Season 5 starting in 2013. In the meantime, a special two-hour movie is set to air later this year on December 16, 2012.

The network also announced pickups of White Collar and Covert Affairs for additional seasons, also expected to return in 2013.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (18)

Posted 05/15/14 at 11:24:40

I love this show I hope you can keep it on for as lone as possible.
Margaret Gobatto
Posted 11/08/13 at 00:40:22

I welcome back each season of Royal Pains much like that of an old friend.. I sigh with such comfort when each new episode airs. I love these characters. Of course many of the critical moments are presented with a lack of practicality but the resolutions are all the more satisfactory. This is evidence of the ultimate creativity of the shows writers. But, the talent of the actors assure the viewer they can expect an hour of sound pleasure. The death of this compelling show would be premature and help to enhance the decline in the ratings of television viewers overall. A lack of commitment then ensues. Think carefully and reason wisely.
Posted 08/29/13 at 09:41:30

DO NOT cancel this show. It has just got Stronger and Stronger... good stories, good characters & good humor!!! Very versatile, believable and SO entertaining!!!!
Posted 08/15/13 at 01:51:58

I also love this show it is about saving lives not killing people like so many other popular shows like CSI etc. I get pretty tired of seeing the same old depressing shows like that it is good to have a uplifting show like Royal Pains, House etc. these are the type of shows I really enjoy. SAVING LIVES.
Nancy Goetz
Posted 06/08/13 at 19:10:50

I love this show. It has great memories of sharing with my late husband.When is it returning?
Posted 05/13/13 at 08:29:33

just love Royal Pains set TV ahead to record if we go on trip, Would not miss it.
mary cepurno
Posted 03/20/13 at 20:53:11

Love royal Pains! That doctor/macguyver guy that actually loves and respects his family and friends, love the mystery with Boris. Can't handle one more rediculous reality show or sitcom that trashes the family structure,
ann davis
Posted 03/20/13 at 12:39:43

bring back fairly legal goofballs
ann davis
Posted 03/20/13 at 12:37:49

never should of canceled fairly legal big mistake
Posted 02/19/13 at 17:18:03

I love royal pains. All the actors work so well together. Please bring it back soon

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Mark Feuerstein (Hank)
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