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On Air: Oct 10, 2012 - Present
Network: CW

Arrow Hits The Mark For A Full Season

The CW's new superhero drama has gotten off to a strong start.

October 22, 2012

The CW confirmed today that its new drama Arrow has been picked up for a full season. The show has been an early success story for the struggling network, with its premiere episode being The CW's most-watched telecast of any show, on any night, in three years. Its second episode held up nicely as well, maintainig its audience in the core adults 18-49 and adults 18-34 demographics.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (15)

danny boi
Posted 05/13/13 at 04:03:58

I am a bit of a marvel fan and hope i see more of the brill green arrow .when arrow interested me i hope it last longer than smallville did
Posted 02/27/13 at 23:56:05

1 of the best shows CW has started in many years. Every week the characters grow anda grow. You fall in love with them more and more. I absolutely love this show!
Posted 12/09/12 at 06:17:27

Let us all who like the show take up a letter campaign and tell them how exactly how we feel and maybe they might able to keep the show
Posted 12/08/12 at 07:50:06

Really do enjoy the show and hope it can survive....

I thought Emily Owens was as good a show as I had seen in a while, yet I see it is being canceled...Too bad.

Hope Arrow can survive.
Posted 11/16/12 at 23:14:41

Enjoying the show, but Staring City has to be the healthest city in the USA. There is not one fat or unattractive person living there. Not even the criminals are ugly. I am looking forward to finding out what his late father did to harm the city(besides closing the factories)
Posted 11/11/12 at 14:03:04

This is nothing more than a soap opera. Anyone watching this show may as well be watching General Hospital or any daytime soap. Sill, over-the-top, drama for drama's sake. Very minor action sequences and REALLY dumb characters. I mean, most people could easily figure out what Oliver is up to... but not these people. It's silly and moronic.. belongs on the CW if it's going to be aired at all. And it's not surprising that the CW picked up the full season. It's not like the CW has many decent shows. It's either this, Top Model, Nikita, or Emily Owens.
Posted 11/08/12 at 10:40:22

This is one of my must watch shows this season.
Posted 11/05/12 at 18:14:51

I am surprised at how good this show is.
R J pal
Posted 11/01/12 at 20:42:25

Great show. Good story line. Has a good love twist to it as well as action

Posted 10/30/12 at 21:36:11

This show is awesome! Look forward to wednesday nights! Arrow is quality and original

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