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On Air: Sep 27, 2012 - Present
Network: CBS

Elementary Given Full Season Order

CBS has ordered the 'back nine' episodes to top up the season.

October 23, 2012

CBS announced today that freshman drama Elementary has been picked up for a full season. The network has ordered the back nine episodes to top up the count to 22.

The series, which follows a modern-day Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in New York City, has so far aired three episodes since premiering in late September.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (15)

Posted 01/26/15 at 21:35:19

I agree with Sherlock's language, it should be properly executed not trying to be American, he should slow down and appear more cool, calm and collected. With LL she should be more involved with learning off of Sherlock as the original Watson was. Anyway this show is still great don't let it disappear like deadwood did. Love the show keep up the good work. Remember keep it simple nothing to out there its doing fine.
Posted 01/20/13 at 01:37:30

This is a great show and it is good to see LL on TV again. Are they doing a 2nd season, I do hope so?
micki barette
Posted 12/14/12 at 07:54:53

Finesse! Intellect! Intelligence. The <babbling> one refers to is the analysis of everything around him. His facial expressions are awesome...
Not for Hawaii-5-0 Bang Bank Shoot'em'up.. but for persons who like mystery and <the deductive reasoning>.... Love it.. cant imagine not having it around forever
Posted 12/14/12 at 02:58:32

I love this show. Jerry Lee Miller dose an amazing job
Tony L
Posted 12/09/12 at 13:34:41

Love this show! Wonderful humorous throwaway lines in double and triple plotted mysteries. Really enjoy Holmes and Watson's relationship.
Posted 12/06/12 at 17:10:45

Way to much babbling., And puts down Watson too much. Should be more like the movies with basil stick to what makes Sherlock great .
roy chapman
Posted 11/22/12 at 18:44:08

Stop trying so hard! Stop trying so hard to make it Sherlock; stop trying so hard to make it not Sherlock. Stop trying so hard to dance the fandango around the drug issue. Write a couple of the classic short stories to fit the new arrangements(similar to the BBC version of late). There's nothing to show Holmes's addiction and means to relax. The producers or somebody are afraid of the drug references let alone drug use. That's his thing though: he's hyperactive and when he's not on a case he finds ways to relax; the two classics are the drugs and the violin. Using the violin won't turn off any worthy viewers. Bring in a cameo dad; someone we can respect just for being there: any recognized Shakespearean actor would be cool; gimmick yes but if handled right, similar to Charlie on the Angels show, or similar to Phyllis Diller's use of Edgar in her schtick. Even the older brother in one or two 70's sitcoms that were never seen but only referred to. or Rhoda's doorman--absolutely hilarious when handled right.
Posted 11/21/12 at 14:03:48

This show is awesome!!!
Posted 11/13/12 at 05:48:19

I am trying to like the show. Sherlock is too much of what Americans think English people are like. I also hate the fact that within a few weeks of being in the US he is using all American terminology; its a lift not an elevator. Its a flat not an apartment. He even said clique like click not cleek, as it should be pronounced if you are English. House was 1000 time the class this show is. Even the Mentalist is in a different league.
Posted 11/11/12 at 00:47:53

Lucy Liu is the magic the show was missing in England. She makes the show worth watching, I go nuts when Sherlocke babbles on and on, Lucy slowes it down and gives the show meaning. MKL

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