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Hell on Wheels

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On Air: Nov 6, 2011 - Present
Network: AMC

Hell on Wheels Renewed For Season 3

The AMC drama will return for a third season.

October 29, 2012

It is being reported that AMC has renewed Hell on Wheels for a third season. The network has ordered 10 new episodes of western drama, though creators Joe and Tony Gayton will no longer be involved with the show on a daily basis going forward. John Wirth (V, Fallen Skies) has been brought on to serve as executive producer and showrunner.

Season 3 of Hell on Wheels will premiere in the third quarter of 2013.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (10)

Michael Dotson
Posted 08/27/13 at 20:16:57

News for nancy northcut. I can get Hell on Wheels in North Ga and have 20 episodes recorded from both 1st and 2nd years. Think the show is GREAT! Didn't like the demise of Lily either.
Posted 08/04/13 at 23:35:52

This show shouldn't be on tv. The writers are a bunch of narcissists. The killing of Lily was beyond explanation and the manner in which she was killed is beyond comprehension. Its bad enough we have to see such horror on tv, but now we're presented with it in our tvshows. For those of you that like to watch a character of this type get killed off you should question your state of mind.
Great news you say, that this show is back. Is killing a beautiful character like this really good viewing?
Posted 06/26/13 at 08:35:20

Glad that we have a third season coming... TV has really sucked this summer so far and looking at some of my favorites in their last season (Breaking Bad & Dexter) I am glad this one will continue at least one more season.
Posted 04/14/13 at 06:38:47

I am so please to see this show has been renewed.. It is just awesome...It is so refreshing from watching 'Rality Shows'. When I saw Cullen charter show up on "Red Widow", i figured it was cancelled; but w/his death in the 1st episode....saw renewed light for the show.
Posted 03/19/13 at 10:09:55

I am really excited that this series is returning. I love it.
louie claude
Posted 03/16/13 at 12:52:08

I don't think Lily really Died---Did she
nancy northcutt
Posted 03/04/13 at 12:51:47

i love hell on wheels but missed the entire 2nd season because of dishes feud with amc ,will the second season ever be shown again so those who missed it can catch up
Posted 11/03/12 at 12:12:59

I'm so glad this show has been renewed. It's one of the best I've seen. I can't figure out why Lilly had to be killed, she was a strong female character and lovely to watch. I love Anson Mount, (Cullen), such a tortured soul. And Common, (Elam), is good at heart and has so much to overcome. Please, if ever it is to be cancelled give us a conclusion. Thank you.
Posted 10/31/12 at 15:01:28 is good news! Lily shouldn't have killed off...her and Cullen just started up the romance...definitely too soon. Now its up to Cullen to finish the Western passage.
Posted 10/31/12 at 00:12:44

Great news! I can't wait for season 3 to start! Sad that lily was killed but the show will be even better!

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Anson Mount (Cullen)
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Dominique McElligott (Lily)
Tom Noonan (Cole)
Eddie Spears (Joseph)
Ben Esler (Sean)
Phil Burke (Mickey)