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Long Island Medium

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On Air: Sep 25, 2011 - Present
Network: TLC

Long Island Medium Renewed For Season 4

TLC has ordered 30 new episodes of the paranormal reality series.

November 7, 2012

TLC has renewed paranormal reality series Long Island Medium for a fourth season. The show continues to perform well for the network, averaging 2.9 million weekly viewers for its original (+2 hours) broadcasts in its third season.

30 new half-hour episodes have been ordered for Season 4, which is set to premiere in March 2013.

UPDATE: Season 4 of Long Island Medium will premiere on Sunday, May 12, 2013.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (6)

Posted 12/28/13 at 16:38:01

is kim russo related to Theresa caputo???? they are both mediums, look alike, have same speech accent almost same hair do , too
Posted 07/15/13 at 06:42:27

Saw her 'perform' at a restaurant a few years ago. Sorry, but disappointing. She lives right in the neighborhood.
Posted 03/23/13 at 18:06:21

I believe Theresa is booked for a few years...she has a phone number...I you can call it, and leave a phone number and when she gets threw her list...voila,your next..I dont have her number any longer...Iam on a list..think it was two years when I phoned...but google her, and put in that you want a reading...or get someone to help you...shouldnt be too hard...but you can always go to ".forever family foundationcom."...thats where Theresa was tested...they have the real mediums at the foundation...good luck. ps. if you watch the show, you will learn that, you can speak to the deceased,they hear you,and when you dream of them, they more and likely have come to pay a visit to you...ask for them to visit more often...also if your dad had a stroke, and hes calling after them, perhaps,he's ready to move on to the other side, please dont be offended, we all are born, live,and then we pass to the other side...we seem to be the only culture, with a problem with that,..good luck.God bless.
Posted 03/06/13 at 22:20:48

Yes, I'd like to know too when Theresa is going to be on. The date in March. Thank you.
Posted 03/05/13 at 15:43:33

When is long island medium starting back?
Jennifer Ann Garcia
Posted 11/08/12 at 18:25:44

Hello, I live in Tampa, Florida and I have been looking for a medium to help my father and I to connect with my grandparents that past several years ago.. Why it's important to me is because I am really worried about my father. He has no peace with in himself sometimes and he is contently bring up grandparents name.. I think he had suffered a minor stroke to as well a while back. My question is,how can I get a hold of Teresa. I am willing to pay for the session. No problem.. I like my father can maybe find some closer for us... Thank you, Jennifer

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