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666 Park Avenue

On Air: Sep 30, 2012 - Jul 13, 2013
Network: ABC

666 Park Avenue Cancelled By ABC

No new episodes will be ordered for the supernatural drama.

November 16, 2012

ABC has cancelled freshman series 666 Park Avenue. The supernatural drama will still air all 13 episodes of its original order but will not continue past that.

Since debuting in late September, 666 Park Avenue has struggled to pull in viewers, drawing less of an audience with nearly each new episode. Its series low was this past Sunday, likely triggering ABC to pull the plug.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (222)

Posted 07/18/13 at 15:37:00

i am glad they took it off . the name was offensive n to have it on a sunday. sham sham.
maxine skversky
Posted 07/12/13 at 20:18:30

please renew 666 . it is one of the finest and well acted shows on tv.please please please
The TVShow Defender
Posted 06/14/13 at 00:09:29 BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!
Posted 05/13/13 at 07:07:38

Please rethink your decision (ABC)...hopefully another network will listen and pick it up for their line-up...good luck!!!
sylvia williams
Posted 05/10/13 at 04:51:28

does any one know if new series have been made if so will they be available to buy on dvd please some other network pick it up I had really got into it couldn't wait for the next episode very disappointed its been axed and it puts you off of starting to watch any new series incase the same thing happens
Posted 04/08/13 at 00:02:26

I read that the rest of the episodes that had been made but not yet aired are going to be shown this summer 2013 sometime.
Posted 04/02/13 at 18:21:58

Extremely disappointed to say the least! So tired of these so called reality shows. ABC should truly any networks out there... please pick up 666 park ave
Posted 03/28/13 at 17:22:30

WOW, that SUCKS!!! I thought the show was great!! You know, it almost isn't even worth watching new shows anymore! They draw you in and right when it gets interesting, they cancel it. Don't get it, yet they will broadcast a bunch of reality TV Bull$%^& that I can't stand...
Posted 03/24/13 at 17:49:51

So sorry to hear it got cancelled. I have been waiting for the new season. Please consider bringing it back. It's an original and I really enjoyed it.
linda quigley
Posted 03/07/13 at 15:42:50

wow that show was fantastic very diappointed that it was cancelled without the ending

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Genre: Drama

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A supernatural drama following the residents at a building possessed by mysterious forces.


Dave Annable (Henry)
Rachael Taylor (Jane)
Vanessa Williams (Olivia)
Terry O'Quinn (Gavin)
Robert Buckley (Brian)
Mercedes Masohn (Louise)
Erik Palladino (Tony)
Helena Mattsson (Alexis)
Samantha Logan (Nona)