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The L.A. Complex

On Air: Apr 24, 2012 - Sep 24, 2012
Network: CW Much

The L.A. Complex Is Cancelled

The Canadian series was not renewed in its home country.

December 4, 2012

Canadian drama The L.A. Complex has not been renewed by its home network, Bell Media, effectively cancelling the sophomore series. The CW had acquired the rights to air the first two seasons of the show in the US, but the low ratings it drew will not likely motivate the network to pursue a third season on its own.

It is being said that the show's producers are looking into options for it possibly moving to another network in Canada, but for the time being fans should not expect a return to The L.A. Complex.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (13)

Posted 01/16/13 at 12:10:30

I actually liked the show, I guess I was the only one that did. I wish it does comes back for a 3rd season. I liked some of the some of the story lines. The only thing I couldnt understand was Jewel Character.
Posted 12/17/12 at 16:35:53

I have to agree with those that liked the show because it was one of the few shows on with gay characters. The first season had such low ratings that the second season never stood a chance even though it was a great season with such a good finale. I hope The CW brings this show back even if Bell Media doesn't air anymore episodes in Canada.
Posted 12/10/12 at 12:55:57

Haha Naomi knows fully well who jewel is. Just trying to troll people into an argument cause she knows people like her
Posted 12/10/12 at 07:46:56

I think we can both agree this show is better off dead. There, some common ground. :)
Posted 12/10/12 at 07:45:34

So wait, you're supposedly a girl, but me possibly being a girl is an "insult" of some kind?

Way to self-hate. It's just an actress no one knows and a cancelled show, so okay. I did mention how it's just opinion, right?

P.S. Granted, "sci-fi darling" sounds a little too Access Hollywood, but I'm not sure where it either sounds like 1. I'm the actress or 2. a confession of gender.
Posted 12/09/12 at 13:57:57

Lmao shes a sci fi darling??? Hahahahah im starting to think these are self posts from the "amazing jewel whats her name" herself. And hyster, you sound like a girl, at least try to make it sound believable
Posted 12/07/12 at 08:18:02

Jewel Staite has genre fans from being in a show called Space Cases when she was a young actress, and from Firefly and Stargate. She's a "no name" perhaps to the general public, but she's a sci-fi darling and cute as a button, but you're entitled to your opinion.
Posted 12/06/12 at 21:21:19

Who is jewel staite? I know shes an actress on the show but theres no way this no name wanabe has fans lmao. I had to google search her name to find out which one she was and i have to say she was the worst part of the show. She wasnt pretty enough for the role they cast her in. It just wasnt believable
Posted 12/06/12 at 10:17:28

Awwww. I knew this was gonna happen. Well it was fun while it lasted.
Hope Jewel gets something else soon. I love her to pieces
Posted 12/06/12 at 07:05:42

I meant the women, but hey, whatever floats your boat. :)

The storylines were fairly cliche. Girl gets involved in porn. Yawn. Older actress tries everything to get noticed. Snore. Nerdy best friend guy tries to break out of friend zone with lead character, they have sex, problems ensue. Seen it a million times.

It's the main problem with the CW - most of their shows could fill a hundred pages on the TV Tropes website.

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