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Retired at 35

On Air: Jan 19, 2011 - Aug 29, 2012
Network: TVLand

TV Land Cancels Retired At 35

The show is the network's first to get the axe.

December 14, 2012

It is being reported that TV Land has cancelled Retired At 35 after two seasons on the air. The comedy is the first of the network's original series to end, running for a total of 20 episodes between January 2011 and August 2012.

(Source: Deadline)

Comments (12)

Posted 03/11/13 at 14:04:26

I didn't think Retired at 35 was going to make it right from the start. The show didn't grab me like Hot In Clevland did right from the very beginning. I also didn't think Retired at 35 was all that funny neither. The story lines as well as the characters, were dull and really boring. You would get your hopes up for something really funny was about to happen and they didn't deliever. So it's not disappointing that TV Land finally cancelled the show. It was long over due.
Posted 01/29/13 at 07:38:50

I loved the first season but never thought it would make it to a 2nd. The 2nd was an overhaul to somehow enhance what was already good but still failing. Season 2 put the nail in the coffin so to speak.
Posted 01/03/13 at 18:24:30

the first season was very good but the second season was very disappointing the shows focus being changed from the son(not to mention his charectar change) made the show a typical very stupid cheap comedy
Posted 12/29/12 at 13:45:57

At first I loved the show. Escape TV at its best except for the corporation bashing. Id grown weary of that. It became a groan moment every time they started the spiel. That made a comfortable enjoyable must see TV show sound like a political ad and I'm so sick of politics right now. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. People quit watching groan moment TV after a while.
Posted 12/23/12 at 20:18:19

One show was all I could watch or wanted to...
Posted 12/23/12 at 20:14:46

the script is good the active are hilarious the dynamic between husband and wife are good and the best friend and a daughterI want to know if she's going to stay with her husband about with him the son is trying to figure out whose life just like the the rest of America so please let them have a season 3 so I can see what's going to happen
Posted 12/23/12 at 20:11:13

please don't cancel itwhat are 35 is hilarious full of jokesthe husband and wife caring but also know how to get on others nerves the Son is loving caring for his family I'm trying to figure things out in his life which makes them relatable and a daughter and best friend I want to know what happens between them and if she will stay with her husband the writers play great scripts and the actors so please let it have a season 3
Posted 12/23/12 at 20:03:22

what are to 35 is a very funny comedic show with full cast a funny at Larrys people give me another season please I just love watching a show and see what happens after the wedding I'm dying to know.thanks for having on this long the writers are excellent at telling stories and jokes and the dynamic between the husband and wife are hilarious when the Son I just love him you kinds about something so much who please let it have a season 3 thank you
Posted 12/16/12 at 18:56:05

I thought this show was alright,not great but whatever I think it deserves another season lol.
Posted 12/16/12 at 01:31:34

They were about 19 episodes too late.

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