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The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 4

The series will continue with a new showrunner.

December 21, 2012

AMC announced today that it has renewed The Walking Dead for a fourth season. The network also confirmed that current showrunner and executive producer, Glen Mazzara - who helmed the series for the past two seasons - will not be continuing with the show going forward. A new showrunner has yet to be announced.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (15)

Posted 08/06/13 at 01:32:39

I was watching the second season just now and came here to check if it was cancelled for a third, because it is THAT FUCKING BAD. This show is not a good sci fi, its... like... and ABC drama with zombies. Not that you shuoldnt have drama and sci fi, but this show is almost painful to watch.
Posted 07/25/13 at 19:08:41

U.S Government preparing for Zombie onslaught. Is Walking Dead preparing us? :-)
Posted 05/26/13 at 09:01:26

as for levi that was very rude and you might want to take that back.... it is a show.... she is an actor!!! have you ever heard of jesus? well you need to know him... bad!!! if you were a bad person acting on a show you would not want everyone to hate you as an actor just because you are bad on the show... you need to watch your thoughts and your words....
Posted 05/26/13 at 08:57:35

i have heard many rumors about the fourth season of the walking dead being cancelled. i was very devastated. im not sure if it is true, but the walking dead is definitely the best show there is and i am a true fan. i dont know why they would cancel the show because it is the most popular show and it makes more money than any other show! thanks twd fans!
Posted 03/17/13 at 19:40:50

certainly the best show ive ever seen, i wonder why i hadnt discovered it sooner! i'm always having interest in anime, that must be the reason xD but horror movies are what i take alot interest in. Andrea, yeah she is a bitch,whore,skank, if you looked up any one of these words they would all be defined as andrea! muahaha! she really thought suicide was the way to go, coward... and we all could tell that she fell in love with that son of a bitch (x2) shane and philip aka 'Ello Govenr' if ya ask me, i think they should kill her off, she's just not capable of anything. Rick & Daryl are my fave, though i dont favor anyone else though because of their stupidity through out the seasons. Doesnt it tick anyone off?
jason wade
Posted 01/07/13 at 06:27:03

this is the best show ever, but with a new exective producer it will probably turn to **** !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 01/05/13 at 05:51:23

i am from iran i see this show every week
and i love this show
and i llike so much rick grims(andrwe lincoln)
Posted 01/01/13 at 16:54:29

YEA! I love this show. My family watches every episode. When not home, it gets recorded. Miss it when not on at season ends. Please keep it going.
Posted 12/28/12 at 18:44:27

mimi your an idiot the walking dead is the best show on tv
Salvatore Leone
Posted 12/28/12 at 17:23:10

Mimi, below me. Quit trolling, and if this is a garbage show why does it have the highest ratings in cable history. 10 million a week isn't garbage. The normal rating for a good television show on cable is about 3-4 million. So Mimi, think before you speak. By the way, what's Rubicon.

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