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Leverage Cancelled After Five Seasons

The drama to conclude on Christmas Day.

December 22, 2012

TNT has cancelled Leverage after five seasons. The drama, which has been on the air since 2008, will leave fans with a present in the form of its final episode. The producers filmed it to work as a series finale in the event the show was not picked up for next season - which it turns out was a smart move and will give longtime fans some proper closure.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (121)

Posted 05/11/14 at 09:59:12

One of the ONLY shows that I really, really enjoyed. Why would they not renew such a great show? Probably going to fill the slot with another stupid reality show which are the farthest thing from reality this side of the sun. Stupid executives.
Posted 01/24/14 at 17:16:22

started watching this after it had been on for a while, now I'm picking up reruns but would delight if it came back-was/is a good show!
Posted 12/03/13 at 18:34:23

What!!! Why are you cancelling one of the best shows on television. You people have no idea what the public wants!!! You keep putting on these reality tv shows and they are out of touch with reality. At least I could look forward to something that I could enjoy especially with the characters you have on that show!! What do we fans have to do for you to put this show back on the line-up!! I miss this series. It was one of my favorites!!!!!!!
Posted 08/29/13 at 04:57:48

Leverage was absolutely my favorite show. I can't believe that it was cancelled without notice or at least several episodes to resolve the storylines. TNT could at least finish out with a couple of Leverage movies.
Karen, MA
Posted 08/29/13 at 01:28:47

Soooo disappointed. My teenage son and I loved this show. something we could watch together. Don't understand your reasoning. I hope another network picks it up. I highly recommend that. FRUSTRATED
Posted 07/30/13 at 02:44:04

Can never understand the reasoning behind decisions. Leverage was a show our family looked forward too. Loved how Eliot and Alec bicker and say comments to each other under their breaths. And Parker...there was so much more which could have been done with her character's past.
Posted 05/22/13 at 23:02:12

what the hake is going on how could they cancel leverage when it have been becoming really good not the story but the filming too
Posted 03/29/13 at 20:33:21

Please bring this series back! My husband and I love this show.
Posted 03/17/13 at 00:15:10

I can't believe they cancelled leverage it was my favorite show and they always cancell the awesome ones and leave the boring ones bring back leverage please.
Posted 03/15/13 at 15:22:19

Why do they cancel only the good shows and leave the crappy ones.
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