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Bones Renewed For Ninth Season

The veteran procedural will return once again.

January 8, 2013

FOX announced today that long-running drama Bones has been renewed for Season 9. The series, which premiered back in 2005, has to-date aired over 150 episodes and will shortly be resuming its eighth season on January 14, 2013.

UPDATE: Season 9 of Bones premieres on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 8:00pm.

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Comments (16)

Posted 08/04/13 at 15:38:31

I LOVE this show. So happy it's coming back!!!!!!
Cory Casper
Posted 08/04/13 at 09:46:03

I was getting a little leery in season 6, I think, that the show was going downhill, but I truly believe season 8 was one of, if not THE, best season to date.
Susan L
Posted 06/29/13 at 09:03:23

Love the show "hate" the plot line with pele that can't be caught and held. That character should be killed off sooner than later
Posted 06/28/13 at 16:25:17

I love this is the only one that I schedule events around or record. I also watch reruns over and over again when I get the opportunity. Thanks for bringing it back! I am a devoted fan :)
Posted 05/12/13 at 06:18:24

I am gland that Bones is returning! And for JDintheOC, Booth and Brennan never got married. They only have a child together and Brennan DID ask Booth to marry her, but psycho Pelant told Booth that if he marries her, he will start to kill everyone he knows and loves.
Posted 04/30/13 at 10:37:51

This show jumped the shark ages ago when Booth and Bones got together. Completely unwatchable drivel.
Posted 02/05/13 at 01:26:02

Surprised this fat science geek gets a 9th season...
Melody Caughrean
Posted 01/26/13 at 20:27:43

This is one of my favorite shows. I can't wait for the new show to start.
Posted 01/25/13 at 23:12:58

The show has never quit clicked for me. I try watching it and lose interest quickly. I am surprised as to how long it has lasted. That being sed most people like it so I am happy for them that it has been renewed.MKL
Posted 01/24/13 at 14:41:14

I love this show!

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