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How I Met Your Mother

On Air: Sep 19, 2005 - Mar 31, 2014
Network: CBS

How I Met Your Mother Renewed For Season 9

The comedy will continue for one more season.

January 10, 2013

It has been reported that CBS has renewed How I Met Your Mother for a ninth season after inking new deals with the cast. Rumors are this could be the last season of the show, but nothing has been confirmed at this point.

On the air since 2005, the popular series has amassed a loyal following of fans and has held solid ratings throughout its run. The show is fast approaching the 200-episode mark, and should hit that milestone during its ninth season.

01/30/13 UPDATE: It is confirmed that Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother will be its last. Audiences will finally learn the identity of the mother during the 2013-2014 broadcast season.

06/17/13 UPDATE: Season 9 of HIMYM returns Monday, September 23, 2013 at 8:00pm with a special one-hour episode.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (6)

Posted 05/18/13 at 02:01:20

I've always hated this show. The actors irritate me and the story line annoys me. It's just bad and always has been. Each time it gets renewed I'm shocked.
Posted 01/22/13 at 20:53:24

Good luck watching it on dish during any kind of breeze or slight drizzle. Dish should just close already no one like it and Comcast owns NBC so alot of the best channels aren't even on dish! Yea no thanks. By I'm excited for how I met your mother!!! I am dying to find out who the mother iis its starting to get annoying. Why can't there be 4 season of the relationship building between them. They don't have to end the show after they meet
Posted 01/20/13 at 11:53:35

Wow JJ product placement much. on another note F$&% Yes HIMYM Season 9 can't wait.
Posted 01/19/13 at 00:19:42

God, can they just introduce the mother already? It's really getting tiresome.
Posted 01/15/13 at 10:54:38

Sounds like someone is a dish employee....
JJ Goode
Posted 01/14/13 at 17:54:11

This is great news for me. I’ve been a fan of HIMYM since it began, and plenty of my DISH coworkers watch the show, too, so we always have plenty to talk about. I’ve been saving this entire season to my DISH Hopper, and I’ll be saving all of season 9, too. With a hard drive that can store up to 2,000 hours of entertainment, I no longer have to compromise another show when I add something to my lineup.

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