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Cheer Perfection

On Air: Dec 19, 2012 - Oct 16, 2013
Network: TLC

TLC Orders More Cheer Perfection

The cheerleading series will return in the summer.

February 6, 2013

TLC announced today that it has ordered eight additional episodes of new series Cheer Perfection. The show, which follows a group of young cheerleaders and their parents in Arkansas, debuted last December and is set to air the last of its initial 8-episode order tonight.

Look for Cheer Perfection to return with new episodes in the summer of 2013.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (40)

Posted 05/08/14 at 20:03:40

the show teaches commintment and practice hard look at the reslults when the coaches push they win plese come back on with the show we all enyoy watching the insperation of everyone
Posted 03/21/14 at 21:49:11

They cancelled the show bcuz one of the mothers is a child molester. And the coach (dad) is a drug user. Who would've ever thought?????
Posted 02/12/14 at 12:29:02

Please don't cancel my favorite show. I love it sooo much if they do then I'm not watching any other shows on TLC. If it's not canceling please put a ad telling when it's coming back on. I am a school cheerleader but that show helped me get my round-off backhandspring now I am working on my tuck. please they inspire me to work harder and don't give up.
Please dont cancel
Posted 02/09/14 at 14:10:40

please dont cancel this show this is like my LIFE you people are sooooo selfish....all you care about is yourself. If you dont like it then dont watch it and stop freaking talking about it then. I am like a cheer addict and am a cheerleader myself and this show is almost just like mine. I just hope u dont cancell it it owuld make stop buying from tlc and watching tlc alltogether. I will also get my friends to stop because i can do that kind if stuff i will also make a protest group if i have to just please dont
Posted 01/19/14 at 21:25:23

Why cancel cheer why do I cancel you please don,"'t I love that show
Posted 01/19/14 at 21:23:59

Why don't want to cancel cheer
Posted 01/15/14 at 09:14:30

Cancel it!!! That president mom Andrea raped a 13 year old boy. I would never support a show like that!!!!
Posted 01/02/14 at 18:33:42

No oh my god please do not canceled Cheer Perfection. It is one of the only Allstar cheerleading shows out there and so many people love it so much. This is not okay.
Posted 12/29/13 at 16:46:09

Hi I am just wondering if Cheer Perfection will be back for season 3?
From Tash
Posted 12/09/13 at 16:31:23

The show has been cancelled

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