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Do No Harm

On Air: Jan 31, 2013 - Sep 7, 2013
Network: NBC

Do No Harm Cancelled After Two Episodes

NBC has pulled the low-rated drama from its schedule.

February 8, 2013

NBC has quickly cancelled its newest drama Do No Harm, pulling the series from its schedule after two woefully-low rated episodes.

Repeat airings of Law & Order: SVU will take its 10:00pm Thursday time slot for the next two weeks.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (35)

Posted 04/26/13 at 00:39:16

Wow. i can't believe they cancelled this show. I was really looking forward to the story. I thought it's an interesting twist on being your own enemy! How intriguing to fight against your other self.
Chantelle S
Posted 03/19/13 at 07:14:14

I really wish that NBC would have given this show a chance. This show had such potential to be a great show, I found it to be intriguing. I feel that they should give shows more than 6 episodes to catch viewers attention.
Posted 03/12/13 at 20:01:17

NBC is acting like ABC on this one. Why are idiotic studios canceling shows after just 2-3 episodes. How are we supposed to become attached to the characters at all. heck 2-3 episodes does not even give people time to talk about it and bring in viewers that might not have heard of the show. NBC needs to get a clue just like ABC. They should buy in for one full season at a minimum. Anything less is a waste of our time and just makes viewer angry at the studio.
Posted 03/08/13 at 10:17:22

A show that finally caught my attention is "PULLED". Give it a chance. A good looking guy, a great plot. This show had great potential, what in the world was NBC thinking? Please reconsider!
Posted 02/26/13 at 23:06:29

Started the show two weeks earlyer than advertised and against Scandal what did the mucky mucks smoking crack expect the show to do. Oh well I guess they expected a miracle????????????? Nothing new for the network mucky mucks running the business, never mind what the public thinks, you know, the rest of us that are not in the age group they use for testing, OH they also forget that in this day and age most of us record shows to watch later. Must be to much for their fried minds to comprehend. MKL
Posted 02/19/13 at 21:34:52

I can't believe this was cancelled? It had GREAT potential. Just goes to show you how stupid some TV execs truly are.
Posted 02/19/13 at 20:27:58

Shows like this have done well on tv. Awake did not make it. There was one with Christan Slater that that was like this and it did not make it. When is the networks going to learn.
Posted 02/16/13 at 21:02:04

The worst doctor drama since House! Oh what a minute! It's a copycat! Glad this piece of crap cancelled after two weeks because of low ratings! People take notice these days that they are sick and tired of copycat shows!! Still don't understand why Hollywood hadn't come up with new ideas?! And I wonder why I still don't have a job!
Posted 02/14/13 at 05:31:40

I loved this show...GD stupiid reality shows have ruined it for great shows with depth, story and amazing chars. Ya bad bad month to launch a show!
Posted 02/13/13 at 19:25:50

You morons realize you aren't talking to any tv networks here, right?

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following a neurosurgeon who has a dangerous alternate personality.


Steven Pasquale (Jason/Ian)
Alana de la Garza (Lena)
Ruta Gedmintas (Olivia)
Phylicia Rashad (Vanessa)
Michael Esper (Kenneth)
John Carroll Lynch (Will)
Mousa Kraish (Eli)
Samm Levine (Josh)