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Supernatural Renewed For Season 9

The fan favorite drama will return for the 2013-2014 season.

February 11, 2013

The CW announced today that long-running series Supernatural has been renewed for a ninth season. On the air since 2005, the show has amassed a loyal following that has kept its ratings strong over the years. Since being paired with new series Arrow on Wednesday nights this season, Supernatural has seen an improvement of 15% in total viewers and similar gains in key demographics.

UPDATE: Season 9 of Supernatural premieres on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 9:00pm.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (47)

Posted 05/07/13 at 08:46:34

So happy. Love this show.I have seen every episode since the first. Top rate show.
Posted 05/06/13 at 09:37:36

My kids got me hooked on this show. We watch every episode. When we were watching the May 1 episode and the promo came on, it read "Final 2 Episodes" and we just stared at each other and said Nooooo in unison!. So glad it will be back. It's a great combo show that has all the elements that keep you coming back for more. Jared and Jenson aren't hard to look at either!!
Posted 05/05/13 at 04:53:17

Is it the best show of all time ?? Nope. Is it the best show on TV NOW,,,again, no. But, (you knew there would be one) this show has dared to approach a lot of things with just the right touch of humor and some philosophical thought that it has kept me intrigued and entertained far more than 99% of the things that I have watched over the years. What I most like about the show is it's willingness to poke fun at itself and still be a "horror drama" (sic). It's my guilty little pleasure and while I may not "brag" that I watch every episode (I do),,, I'm pleased that I have. The ONLY thing I ask for before they cancel it is this: Explain where God went. And for those who ask, "Where can they go now ?" ....there's your answer.
Posted 05/04/13 at 04:19:42

great news supernatural back for 9th season hope it goes on to 10 love the show watched since the beginning will till the end sure some seasons have been better than others but its like that with all long running shows season 8 has been good looking forward to the finale looks good dont know what cliffhanger we re gonna get this time have to see .
Terri Seawell
Posted 05/01/13 at 20:59:44

I am so glad to hear that the show is not been cancelled.I have been a fan since 2005 and seen every show!I even watch the reruns on TNT every day.Love,love,love this show!Never gets boring to me and these are the hottest guys on tv,lol.Please continue to give us loyal fans more of Sam and Dean!!
Patty C
Posted 04/18/13 at 20:42:14

I am so glad that supernatural is coming back I watch it daily on TNT 3 times a day and on Wednesday I love this show I even got my boyfrind to watch it he also likes it so much he wantsBobby to come back but thanks to all o u for standing by the great show and thanks to the ones that are the actors, writers, producers, directors and etc. thanks so so much
Sheri White
Posted 04/17/13 at 17:01:18

I have watched since the series premiered in 2005... Loyal fan. Plenty of highs and lows over the past 8 years... I truly miss Bobby's character and if the writers can somehow permanently " resurrect him, that would be great. Keep Castiel... And if Season 9 is the series " swan song ", PLEASE let " Sam and Dean " both have " happy endings... Sam finds love and a life, Dean returns to Lisa and the truth revealed that Ben IS his son...
Posted 04/08/13 at 11:29:10

I've always loved Supernatural so I'm totally stoked it's coming back! I still feel the best season was when they had the apocalypse & introduced the angels & Satan. I almost wished they wld have saved that story line for the final season ,but I still watch & am happy & truly amazed when it's renewed every year. Usually anything I like doesn't make it that long. Oh & they're the hottest guys on TV by far. I'll watch just to look at them,lol!
Posted 04/06/13 at 07:05:09

Just wondering when they are going to get around to God, I like the show but just like you can't have demons without the devil, you can't have angels without God. And maybe, just maybe, Dean could lighten up a little? It's time for the Winchesters to have a some fun, nobody, no matter how bad their life is, is morose ALL the time!
Posted 03/06/13 at 22:49:05

I love the Winchesters! I was upset to see a few favorites killed off, but it's all part of any good story line. As for "where else can they go?" Where else can't they go??? The "Supernatural" world is full of things to explore, especially with mythology being infinite! I could watch this show over and over even if the episodes had barely any storyline and they were just hunting monsters! I love the interaction of the brothers while they are hunting. Some of my favorite episodes have been when they were just regular hunting to pass the time before the next big break in the story line! I'll be a Supernatural fan for life!

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