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The Americans

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On Air: Jan 30, 2013 - Present
Network: FX

FX Renews The Americans

The freshman drama will return for a second season.

February 21, 2013

FX announced today that The Americans has been renewed for a second season. The freshman drama, which premiered in late January, has received a positive response from both audiences and critics over its first four episodes.

Nine episodes remain in the show's first season, with the season finale lined up for May 1, 2013.

The network has ordered an additional 13 episodes for Season 2.

UPDATE: Season 2 of The Americans premieres on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (20)

Posted 12/07/13 at 07:11:32

I'm looking for it to run maybe 4 seasons. Then skip a season and do a reunion special set in 94, in which the FBI agent goes to Moscow to consult on Chechnya based radical groups, only to run into his former neighbors, now visitor accommodation coordinators.
Trouble T
Posted 11/19/13 at 17:08:32

Love this show their were only 1 or 2 episode's that weren't GREAT but were good enough. So glad they renewed it. It's hard to find a good series now n days so when I find one is good thing.
Posted 11/13/13 at 17:46:59 favorite drama in many years. Great acting all around...a bit too much gratuitous sex for my liking , but obviously will overlook that because of the fine performances.
Posted 10/08/13 at 09:44:11

We love this show. Looking forward to its return.
Dr. Rober Haskell
Posted 09/15/13 at 09:39:26

This show started out good then ran out of gas. Can't get past John Boy Walton heading the CIA. To many softcore sex scenes, but then again it is Fox Americas right wing christian value network.
Really had to force myself to watch the entire run. I do miss the real cold war. America was great till that clown reagen ****ed it all up.
Posted 09/15/13 at 07:35:10

What a great show that accurately depicts Cold War and current day espionage on both sides.
Great writers , directors and actors. Can't wait til next season.
Posted 05/21/13 at 19:40:01

Love the show and so glad to hear that it is renewed for Season 2, and beyond, I hope. Excellent acting and depiction of the country in that time period.
Thanks much !
Posted 04/18/13 at 06:03:51

Great show, wonderful acting, casting, etc. Very well done painting of the covert profession. Maybe a bit too much drama at times, but still very representative. Thanks for bringing a second season.
Posted 04/15/13 at 08:18:28

We love this show. We split our watching between this and Thrones...Keep it coming. How come it doesn't show up in the ratings? - at least where I search.
Andy Pratt
Posted 03/27/13 at 19:27:11

One of the best and fresh shows from FX!


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