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The Sing-Off

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On Air: Dec 14, 2009 - Present
Network: NBC

The Sing-Off Returning For Fourth Season

NBC is bringing back the series after more than a year off.

March 14, 2013

It appears that NBC has decided to bring back The Sing-Off for a fourth season. A 2013 casting website has been launched at, which confirms the show's return. The website lists four audition dates starting next month in Chicago and continuing through May where it will also hit Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York.

The a cappella singing competition was previously thought to be cancelled after being left off the network's schedule for all of 2012. The show's third season concluded back in November 2011.

Comments (9)

Posted 03/25/13 at 01:33:17

Good show. Horrible celebrity reviewers. The Sing-Off, on, off, on again. When a network starts to bring back a show that sat on the shelf for a year, you know they're in trouble.
paul hall
Posted 03/19/13 at 15:56:50

uggggh i think im gonna be sick more zombie tv...brains..errrgghhh
Posted 03/19/13 at 04:06:50

Anyone who compares the Sing-off to "crappy reality shows" have NEVER seen this show! It is unlike any other singing show. These people can actually SING! When you can carry a tune and control your voice WITHOUT the aid of music you have talent. In fact, it is completely Au Capella, whereby the contestants create their own music with their voices. It is truly a awesome treat to the ears and definitely a wholesome family show. BRAVO NBC!! BRAVO!
Posted 03/18/13 at 13:06:30

Oh thank the gods in the heavens this show is coming back! I can finally stop holding my breath! /)*o*(\
Posted 03/15/13 at 12:12:45

Good thing this show came back. It's not like there aren't 1000 other singing competition shows. YAWN. Thank goodness for cable. The networks are dropping the ball bigtime...
Posted 03/14/13 at 17:28:18

I was just thinking about this show. Glad to hear it's coming back. I really like it.
Posted 03/14/13 at 14:36:38

another worthless crappy reality show same with abc and splash and fox with hells kitchen crappy crappy revolution rules smash sucks so does parenthood shame on you nbc your just like fox abc syfy cbs bunch of corporte jackasses
Posted 03/14/13 at 10:07:35

Something witty about reality TV shows
Posted 03/14/13 at 07:55:14

So NBC brings back another reality singing show but might cancel Smash. Can they just do me a favor and cancel Revolution & Parenthood now so I don't have to watch this network, except for of course Sunday Night Football.

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A reality singing competition featuring a cappella groups.


Nick Lachey (Host)
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