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2 Broke Girls

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On Air: Sep 19, 2011 - Present
Network: CBS

2 Broke Girls Renewed For Season 3

The sophomore comedy will return in 2013-2014.

March 27, 2013

CBS announced today that 2 Broke Girls has been renewed for a third season. The sophomore sitcom has maintained very healthy ratings over its two seasons on the air.

Today's announcement by CBS included renewals of a slew of primetime shows for the 2013-2014 season, ensuring that a large portion of the network's current line-up will stay the same. Other shows receiving good news today include Mike & Molly, The Good Wife, Elementary, The Mentalist, and Person of Interest. Still awaiting news include Two and a Half Men, CSI:NY, Vegas, and Criminal Minds.

UPDATE: Season 3 of 2 Broke Girls premieres on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 9:00pm.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (8)

Posted 10/29/13 at 10:02:49

filth, filth, filth
Anya Marais
Posted 08/10/13 at 05:02:53

I agree with you all, it's all sexual humour, they should take Sophie's character should be removed. Also get better writers. The show is so boring now. If they don't fix it they're not gonna have a 4th season.
Posted 06/06/13 at 03:33:06

Can't wait to see the third season, I think the humor have to be taken as it is, simple but very effective.
Yes Sophie is more than dirty but thats what make me laugh about her, if you dont like the show just dont watch it.
I think we need this kind of show ! Just relax, unplugg your brain and laugh !
Posted 05/30/13 at 08:30:26

I like the show can't wait untill seaon 3
You have to take the humor as it comes. I am not offended by any of that. If you don' like it don't watch it. I find it a whole lot better than any Tyler Perry flick or Duck Dynasty or something like it.
So Charlie Sheen was better than Ashton Kutscher but I still like to watch it. Come on people not everyones humor is the same I like Sophie she gives the show a little kick its just a matter of taste
Posted 05/21/13 at 08:51:02

The show is great. I want to see how they fulfill their cupcake business and take those hurdles on their way to success.
Posted 05/18/13 at 08:59:52

I disagree with Stephane, I got nothing against sexual humor, and it can be hilarious. But this show level has lowered a lot, Oleg's jokes on the first season were great and made me laugh, Sophie just ruins the show.
The show was really good, now is just plain boring. I think this will be the last season of it that I'll see.
Posted 04/20/13 at 22:08:29

This show was better than I ever imagined it would be. I think its still just as funny as season 1
Stephane Beaulne
Posted 03/28/13 at 11:07:35

I wish they had just cancelled it instead. I loved the show during the first season, and I still watch it and enjoy it, but I can't stand Sophie. She is just so annoying that she completely ruins the show. And ever since she and Oleg got together it seems like all the show is is one dirty joke after another.

When the show started everything out of Oleg's mouth was a dirty joke or a sexual connotation. Max had the occasional dirty joke as well, but the sexual "humor" was mainly relegated to Oleg. Now that Oleg and Sophie are together though everything out of Oleg and Sophie's mouths is a sexual joke or connotation.

It shows extremely poor writing when all you have to rely on to make your audience laugh is sexual humor.

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Beth Behrs (Caroline)
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