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Blue Bloods Renewed For Season 4

The cop drama will return for the 2013-2014 season.

March 27, 2013

CBS announced today that Blue Bloods has been renewed for a fourth season. The police drama has continued to perform solidly in its Friday night time slot, where it has been airing since its premiere in 2010.

Today's announcement included renewals of a large portion of the CBS primetime line-up for the 2013-2014 season. Other dramas receiving pick-ups today include The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, Person of Interest, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Notables still awaiting news include CSI:NY, Vegas, and Criminal Minds.

UPDATE: Season 4 of Blue Bloods premieres on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 10:00pm.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (114)

Posted 05/16/13 at 13:11:28

As a UK Fan of Blue Bloods glad I have a new series to look forward to. Love the family meal time discussions and good to see a family of faith without it being rammed down your throat but showing it is important to the family. I also like seeing NYC as the back drop. Hope CSI:NY Is renewed love it too for my NYC fix
Posted 05/16/13 at 10:43:23

Extremely happy to hear CBS renewed Blue Bloods! Well written, good character development and overall great messages with each episode. Frank's lines are notable and memorable - I LOVE how they always do the hard thing. And, I just think Jamie Reagan is a total BABE!
Kathleen Skoog
Posted 05/15/13 at 20:54:09

I dearly love this show. I love Danny, I love Tom Selleck and the family aspect. I love the New York aspect. They glorify New York. It is just wonderful. I turn off the television with a great feeling and watch the show over and over during the week and on and on.
Posted 05/15/13 at 15:39:44

I love Blue Bloods very much and thank god it is renewed.
I love how they mixed family and law. Donnie Wahlberg is the best ;)
Jeff Scott
Posted 05/14/13 at 19:15:40

I agree with some of these other coments the writers should get something started up with baker and the P.C. this chick is so inocent or at a minimum they should put her into the script more like an epidsode were she deals with a psyco or stalker issue and good ol' frank to the rescue saves her and then she developes the regular love the hero complex.
Posted 05/13/13 at 13:55:18

I enjoy Blue Bloods but I wish they expanded the characters sure Frank Reagan has a serious side but he should lighten up too. Tired of hearing "as your PC and father" How about developing Det. Baker seems all she is good for is getting coffee and answering the phone.
They have done a good job with Garrett, Irish family of cops would live more in the Rockaway's than Bay Ridge
More human interest stories - family stories would lighten things up and make things even better.
The character development in Golden Boy is superior to that of Blue Bloods [ golden Boy is Out ]
Posted 05/12/13 at 14:57:45

SO glad Blue Bloods is being renewed... Selleck is great as usual along with the rest of the cast - donnie Wahlberg is super....
Posted 05/11/13 at 20:19:00

I was a cop for 37 years before I retired, and I consider Blue Bloods to be the most realistic cop show on television. It is well written and the acting is great. I hope that it continues forever.
fran fran
Posted 05/11/13 at 11:51:23

so glad that blue bloods is returning for season 4.Also love criminal mind hope it will return.
Posted 05/10/13 at 19:05:35

I hate blue bloods it needs to be cancelled its boring and I hate cop shows. Blah
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