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Mike & Molly

On Air: Sep 20, 2010 - 
Network: CBS

Mike & Molly Renewed For Season 4

The comedy will return in 2013-2014.

March 27, 2013

CBS announced today that Mike & Molly has been renewed for a fourth season.

Today's announcement by the network included a slew of pick-ups for the 2013-2014 season, ensuring that a large portion of their current line-up will remain the same. Other shows receiving good news today include 2 Broke Girls, The Good Wife, Elementary, The Mentalist, and Person of Interest. Still awaiting news include Two and a Half Men, CSI:NY, Vegas, and Criminal Minds.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (68)

Posted 06/08/14 at 18:20:14

I love mike and molly. It makes me feel better after all this world puts us in. It makes me relax and laugh.
I love the cast and the good old American sit com. Kinda like the shows we use to
Love. Remember Archie bunker and the Jeffersons and Gilmore. U feel as if ur a part
Of the show. I love them. ESP suzi q
Theresa rodes
Posted 11/25/13 at 18:39:44

The new mike and Molly is awful! Y did they make Molly so different than she was she was better as a teacher! The only good characters r mike and mikes mom ! The rest of the show sux! Hope it gets cancelled! CBS has horrible shows on mon nits!
Posted 11/11/13 at 19:27:40

always loved watching mike and moly until tonight. It was one of the dumbest shows I have ever seen. What are the writers thinking. Now you are making her dumb funny. This is well below her caliber of acting and humor. She was so much better last year. We will not continue watching if it follows the storyline from tonight. Are you writing for the minority now? Just plain junk!!!!
Sue Breneman
Posted 10/14/13 at 18:03:00

Whe is Mike and Molly...le the show. When is the new season going to start?
Lisbeth Mizula
Posted 10/09/13 at 16:55:55

Melissa McCarthy is such a great actress, I'm looking forward to seeing some good scripts for her in Season 4.
chrstie andersen
Posted 10/09/13 at 14:34:48

mike and molly better be renewed the best show on tv
Posted 10/09/13 at 08:52:59

Glad to hear Mike and Molly will be back on the air.
Such a funny show. And...great casting!
Sharon Vincent
Posted 10/08/13 at 17:14:39

How can you take a Wonderful Funny Great Favorite Show off the air and put these STUPID shows on, how can you? How Can You? What is wrong with you people, have you no sense!!! Now I feel better.
Amy Helms
Posted 10/08/13 at 06:28:48

I love Mike & Molly! It is the most realistic clean family show on TV. I can't wait to see what happens next. Will Molly finally get pregnant? Will Mike & Molly find a starter home?
Posted 10/07/13 at 23:36:59

When will Mike and Molly start?? The new season has already started, but I dont see when Mike and Molly will start. My husband and I love this show!

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A sitcom following a newly dating overweight couple.


Billy Gardell (Mike)
Melissa McCarthy (Molly)
Reno Wilson (Carl)
Katy Mixon (Victoria)
Nyambi Nyambi (Samuel)
Swoosie Kurtz (Joyce)
Rondi Reed (Peggy)
Louis Mustillo (Vince)
Cleo King (Rosetta)
David Anthony Higgins (Harry)