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Bomb Girls

On Air: Jan 4, 2012 - Apr 29, 2013
Network: Global

Bomb Girls Cancelled After Two Seasons

The Canadian drama will conclude with a 2-hour TV movie.

April 22, 2013

Canadian war drama Bomb Girls has been cancelled by Shaw Media after two seasons. The network has opted not to continue with the series, but did announce a two-hour TV movie to wrap things up for fans of the show.

Regular episodes in the show's second season will end on April 29, 2013. The 2-hour movie is slated to premiere in winter 2014 on Global Television, and will conclude the ongoing storylines.

UPDATE: The special 2-hour movie, Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy, will air on Monday, May 26, 2014 at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT on REELZ Channel.

(Source: Shaw Media)

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Comments (24)

Posted 10/11/13 at 10:50:35

i loved the show i was watching it on netflix and i was kinda hurt it ended like that..i never knew the canadian influnce ...i never fight for a show when its cancelled but this one is worth being on the air or at least online web thing
Posted 09/13/13 at 13:28:16

please do not cancel bomb girls. it is a great show! it is one of the few shows both my husband and I enjoy together
jimmy doyle
Posted 08/08/13 at 09:24:40

me and my young bride loved bomb girls everytime we find a show that we like it gets cancelled we are in our 70!s try to bring it back
Jim @ Jan
Posted 05/05/13 at 21:00:15

My husband severed in the Canadian Military, so this show was hit in our home, brought back old memories...... We both have never been so saddened to find out Bomb Girls was cancelled .... Please bring it back
Will be dearly missed by us - Sandra
Posted 05/05/13 at 04:09:29

Well I can still have my opinion and as I ee it most of the comments favor the show. ,So on this sight the nays lose.
Posted 05/01/13 at 11:48:41

@Mike.. hate to say it but at 70 years old.... the networks really could not care less what you like to watch. They only want 18-35 or 18-49 viewers. If you are outside those ranges, your likes or dislikes mean nothing.
Posted 04/30/13 at 06:34:20

wait until 2014, really that sucks no one should have to wait that long to see the ending of a series. How are they geting ratings for the show. We can not see any ratings on this web sight so how can they see how good it is WORLD WIDE. Mucky muck"s strike again. MKL
Posted 04/30/13 at 06:28:41

I am a retired x army medic age 70 retired to the Philippines. This show had a lot to offer. Maybe not to a okie truck driver but to anyone who fought in world war two Korean or Vietnam it had meaning. Sorry to see it go, it had a large fan base world wide. So the mucky mucks that have the authority over what we watch strike again. Really sucks. MKL
Linda Dixon
Posted 04/28/13 at 17:49:27

Why, why cancel this great canadian show, we have such great history and this show was part of that. Please reconsider!!
Arkansas Dave
Posted 04/27/13 at 21:51:37

This was an online show!!! It has to be that bad to get cancelled. The comments look and read like they were written by morons that watch "TV shows" online. Oh wait, they are left by them sort of people. Meg Tilly? Really? -And a bunch of no-name 3rd rate actors. And such a great title. What a Joke!! Oh and it didn't help any with it being Canadian EH?

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following women working in a Canadian munitions factory during World War II.


Meg Tilly (Lorna)
Jodi Balfour (Gladys)
Charlotte Hegele (Kate)
Ali Liebert (Betty)