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On Air: Mar 2, 2010 - Jan 29, 2014
Network: NBC

Parenthood Renewed For Season 5

The Braverman family will return for the 2013-2014 season.

April 26, 2013

NBC announced today that it has renewed Parenthood for a fifth season in 2013-2014. The order is for a full 22 episodes, which the drama has not seen since season 2. Last season, the show only ran for 15 episodes, and before that it was 17. Over the years, the critically-acclaimed series has drawn steady ratings for the network, while establishing a fiercely-loyal base of devoted fans.

Along with Parenthood, the network also renewed four other dramas today for next season including Law & Order: SVU, Revolution, Grimm, and Chicago Fire.

UPDATE: Season 5 of Parenthood will premiere on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 10:00pm.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (28)

Kelly Morris
Posted 09/02/13 at 19:46:05

Love, love, love this show. Deals with real family issues and the actors are the best. Please please please keep it running for many years!
Tereza Panameno
Posted 08/27/13 at 21:14:40

This show should come back,wonderful cast, amazing writing and producing,it's such a true, real life topics, I love it!
Carol sav
Posted 07/14/13 at 13:32:47

I am thrilled that this show is coming back. I think it is one of the few good programs that instill values. Please keep this show going. The actors are so amazing, youngest to oldest. I actually sit and text back and forth with friends when the show is on. We have a parenthood night, congrats on a wonderful production!
Posted 06/19/13 at 15:49:14

Can't wait to see this show again. Love Ray Romano's character with Lauren Graham. Love this entire cast. The hour goes so fast. Welcome Back Parenthood!!!
Posted 06/15/13 at 09:58:53

YAY!!!!!!!!!! one of the best REAL LIFE dramas out there!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!! WHEN WHEN WHEN DOES IT START ????????
Posted 06/09/13 at 10:32:35

I'm soooooo happy the show is coming back. My husband and I love this show and watch it faithfully. Can't wait!!!!
Posted 05/08/13 at 21:44:06

So glad to learn that Parenthood is coming back for season 5. This series depicts true family life. Max is an amazing actor! The subject matter is so relevant to life as we know it in 2013.
This is the only series I watch weekly with enthusiasm .
Posted 05/08/13 at 21:41:30

Parenthood is a wonderful realistic series. It depicts true family interactions. I love "Max", he is an amazing actor the way he plays a person with Asburgers syndrome.
Posted 05/07/13 at 07:56:47

My husband and I are so excited and happy they renewed this fabulous show. Thanks for making our day
Posted 05/06/13 at 18:18:52

This is fantastic news!! Parenthood is one of the few network tv shows that I still faithfully watch....I don't really bother with watching anything new airing on NBC, ABC or CBS because it usually results in a big waste of my time. These three networks in particular are notorious for yanking their shows halfway through the first season (if they even make it that far), without any care for their viewers. After hearing that Parenthood's 4th season ratings had dropped, I expected the worst and the season finale left me feeling like I'd just watched the series finale. My PVR is all set and I'm truly looking forward to spending yet another season with the Bravermans; A wonderful surprise from NBC!

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