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How to Live with Your Parents

On Air: Apr 3, 2013 - Jun 26, 2013
Network: ABC

ABC Cancels How To Live With Your Parents

The new comedy will not return.

May 10, 2013

ABC has cancelled new comedy How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). The news comes six episodes into the show's first season.

(Source: Deadline)

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Comments (34)

Posted 07/07/14 at 17:50:27

Seems like when you like a show it gets cancelled, really pisses me off
Anna Accarino
Posted 04/18/14 at 17:43:53

Why? That was a great show!
Posted 09/29/13 at 06:52:27

Noooooo!!! This happens to be one of the funniest shows I've evev seen!!
Posted 09/25/13 at 17:46:08

So disappointed..loved the show. Thought great cast and funny.watching Back in the game pilot in its time slot...awful.
Posted 06/25/13 at 12:57:12

Please don't cancel it!! This show is soooo funny. Finally some interesting characters to watch. I hope another station picks it up.
Posted 06/16/13 at 22:07:21

I love this show and think someone like Netflix or amazon should pick it up
Posted 06/16/13 at 20:56:58

I just discovered it & absolutely love it!!! So disappointed!
Posted 06/14/13 at 10:40:35

ABC is notorious for cancelling great shows! Does anyone remember "Samatha Who?"? I am surprised Modern Family is still on since it is well written and funny. ABC always cancels the best shows they have on their network. Thank the Lord they FINALLY cancelled Private Practice. I cannot figure out how it stayed on as long as it did. Horrible! I love this show! I look forward to watching it on Wednesday nights. Boo!
Posted 06/13/13 at 03:41:12

I totally agree with "Deeply Upset". I thought the characters quirky and the show really funny. What's next? Cancel Modern Family?? I hate reality TV but it looks like that's where so much of the programming is going. What has happened to imagination and fun?
Posted 05/29/13 at 10:50:22

I liked this show. It was a little off-beat, but still good.

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Genre: Comedy

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A comedy following a woman who moves into her parents' basement due to financial issues.


Sarah Chalke (Polly)
Elizabeth Perkins (Elaine)
Brad Garrett (Max)
Jon Dore (Julian)