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Family Tools

On Air: May 1, 2013 - Jul 10, 2013
Network: ABC

ABC Cancels Family Tools

The new comedy will not continue.

May 11, 2013

ABC has cancelled its latest comedy Family Tools. The mid-season series premiered on May 1 and has aired only two episodes to-date.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (27)

Posted 07/16/13 at 15:26:36

I think you owe the show more than 2 episodes at the beginning of summer to find out if people like it. This is the only show I even like on abc. You cancel this but keep the neighbors!!!
Posted 07/12/13 at 14:43:41

this is why i have quit watching abc.. i am done with all the networks.. gone to just watching movies and dvds of old tv shows that were given more than 2 episodes before getting cancelled... reality shows like dirty jobs and mythbusters are the only ones worthwhile...
Posted 07/11/13 at 07:55:24

I kinda liked this show,why not replace it whih one of those crappy fake towing shows,thanks a lot guys.
Posted 06/19/13 at 17:53:53

The show deserved a better chance to find its audience. Any show without a stupid laugh track is good by me.
Posted 06/17/13 at 01:32:12

Thank god for that. That was one of the most pathetic attempts of copying another show ever. Best move they could have done outside of not making it to begin with.
Posted 06/13/13 at 20:15:42

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Network tv doesn't give anything a chance unless it's more "reality" UGH!!
Posted 06/10/13 at 23:26:23

Just started to watch it on Hulu and now I see its been cancel, what a shame. Give it a chance for at least a whole season, It funny and the actors are good..
Posted 05/25/13 at 16:27:08

What a loss
Very funny show
Now I see why I watch very little
Abc shows and even the news
Posted 05/25/13 at 12:52:22

Kyle Bornheimer + J.K. Simmons + Leah Remini = A show I would watch....
Deeply Upset
Posted 05/25/13 at 11:22:01

Well like I have been posting on the How To Live With Your Parents and Happy Endings pages, I am most DEFINITELY not going to watch ABC anymore. I'll try with all of my will-power not to if there happens to be a show I like. I am now banning ABC from my life! And thanks to you all who said that USA might consider picking up Happy Endings. I did not know about that.

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Genre: Comedy

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A comedy following a man who takes over his father's handyman business.


Kyle Bornheimer (Jack)
JK Simmons (Tony)
Edi Gathegi (Darren)
Leah Remini (Terry)
Johnny Pemberton (Mason)
Danielle Nicolet (Stitch)