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On Air: Jun 1, 2005 - Present
Network: ABC

Dancing With The Stars Renewed For Season 17

The dance competition will return with a scaled-back format.

May 14, 2013

ABC has renewed long-running dance competition Dancing with the Stars for a 17th season. With the show's viewership dipping over the recent years, the network is scaling back the series into a new format.

For the 2013-2014 season, one 2-hour episode combining performances and results will air each week instead of its current format of a 2-hour performance night followed by a 1-hour results show.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (16)

Posted 06/19/13 at 21:57:06

hey bub, American Idol was derived from The X-Factor, a British tv show from Simon Cowell, so maybe they're the real morons.
Posted 06/01/13 at 12:03:10

This is the worst crap on tv, get rid of it now!!
Posted 05/23/13 at 08:16:07

Shows like this simply reflect the low quality tolerance and IQ of the American public in general. Same as American Idol (or any singing/dancing/diving show). The general public are really just morons. But at least we all know where they are during weekday prime time hours.
Posted 05/22/13 at 22:43:54

I think Dancing with the Stars is a joke. It should be called Dancing with the Has-Been's. It should be cancelled. Nobody has heard of these celebrities on this show.
Posted 05/21/13 at 14:52:23

PBS should pick this up... and then we can move on to better (hopefully) entertainment. This is more like silly people trying to dance and being told they suck. As I think about it.. maybe Comedy Central can have a swing at it.. oh probably not.. as it isn't funny.
Posted 05/18/13 at 21:48:10

Too Bad for the renewal!!! Too many good shows being cancelled for crap like this and the other reality shows.
Posted 05/18/13 at 13:05:04

Let this one go in peace! It's time.
Posted 05/17/13 at 18:16:07

I agree! This show has jumped the shark! Too bad they won't jump INto the shark and just die! The judges are a joke and are so embarrassing and just plain stupid sounding! Should've stopped after Donald Driver won!! That would have been a grand finale! GIVE IT UP!
Posted 05/16/13 at 15:30:19

I stopped watching it when fatty made the finals and later found out the show was fixed for ratings. As for the judges, they're in love with themselves. We see them get out of the limos to go to a private party for the people on the show and get snookered out of there minds. I watch Golden Boy which just got cancelled. ten times better than Blue Bloods.
Posted 05/16/13 at 13:27:49

The judges on dancing are a joke! Carrie Ann makes a fool over herself with the male dancers. Sometimes I think she is having an orgazim. She looks like a frusted fool, And Len I hope as a NEW GROOM he gets laid because he is a grumpy old fart

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