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Warehouse 13 To Conclude With Season 5

The Syfy drama will end with six final episodes.

May 17, 2013

Syfy has renewed Warehouse 13 for a shortened fifth season to conclude the series. Six episodes have been ordered to finish off the storyline, and are expected to air in 2014.

"Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us, " said Mark Stern, Syfy's president of original content. "We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season."

The show currently has seven episodes remaining in its fourth season.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (73)

Posted 04/15/14 at 13:18:47

SYFY is getting terriable . Cancelling really well written shows for reality shows and paranormal wittness creature creators. Cheep made and produced shows they dont care about real syfy any more.Syfy get your head out of your buts fans are really getting pissed off and are leaveing and have left all ready.
Posted 03/29/14 at 21:15:44

Haven and Lostgirl are all thats left that is watchable so im sure syfy will be giving them the axe soon. we cant have a good show go past five seasons now can we? ill order them on vudu or hulu but i will not give syfy anymore of my time. Wankers!
Posted 03/29/14 at 21:09:48

Farscape stargate eureka and this crap of waiting a year for new episodes?? what happened to the 24 episode seasons? why a network constantly cancels its flagship series and stuffs cheesy reality shows and WWE for gods sake!!! piss off Syfy im diggin CW now. Supernatural was renewed for yet another season.and theyre adding great new shows all the time and giving them a fighting chance.
Posted 03/17/14 at 15:51:38

Can't believe they are ending warehouse 13. We have been fans since the beginning. So we get into another SYFY show we really enjoy, Being Human, then guess what...that gets canceled too! Not too much left to really enjoy on SYFY any more. Guess we have to go to the local channels for great programming like Grimm & Sleepy Hollow, and cable channels like too bad, SYFY used to be our favorite channel...
lynn Flint
Posted 03/12/14 at 10:27:49

Funny. quirky ,original,great plots and very creative so of course they will cancel Warehouse 13 .There were so many artifacts left to discover and write about this great show could have lasted another 5 years but as SyFy seems to be self destructing that they are cancelling the show is not a surprise.
Posted 03/12/14 at 08:23:01

Ending this awesome show so prematurely is just the latest in a looooooong line of really bad decisions by the suits in charge of SyFy! Bad enuf that Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe were cancelled prematurely as well. How many #$%^&$$##%^ "Ghosthunter"-type shows do you need?! Aside from Destination Truth and the RARE movie that mite interest me, Warehouse 13 was the one and only thing I watch regularly on SyFy anymore, at least when they actually show episodes! And that's another thing! WHY can't SyFy re-run past episodes while preparing new ones?! That's how TV used to be; run the new season of episodes thru once, then re-run them in preparation of the next season!
Kristina mccormick
Posted 02/15/14 at 10:21:02

Please reconsider. This is such a great show. I have watched all episodes. It is so different from other shows and is a refreshing change.
Posted 02/11/14 at 02:56:19

I haven't been this invested in tv chartacters simce Buffy the vampire slayer. I am sad to see it end.I feel you should at least give us 13 episodes not 6.If your going to end the show. At least do it right. The cast deserves that.
Posted 01/31/14 at 12:42:15

This show has only continued to get better with each show. I am saddened by your decision, it makes no sense as it is the best show you offer. Perhaps you will change your mind as you loose viewers or another channel like USA will pick it up.
Posted 01/24/14 at 11:27:16

warehouse 13 is one of the best...I would venture that the suits calling the shots don't even understand most of the references to artifacts,to whom they belonged and what they can do...shame....there will be no reason to even check the schedule for syfy...we will find nothing of worth there.
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