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On Air: Apr 4, 2013 - Aug 29, 2015
Network: NBC

Hannibal Renewed For Season 2

13 more episodes have been ordered for the drama.

May 30, 2013

NBC has renewed freshman drama Hannibal for a second season. The Bryan Fuller series premiered last month as a midseason replacement with a 13 episode order. Four episodes remain in the show's first season, including tonight's airing.

The network has ordered another 13 episodes for Season 2 of Hannibal, which is expected to return for the midseason of 2013-2014.

UPDATE: Season 2 of Hannibal premieres on Friday, February 28, 2014.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (19)

Posted 04/19/14 at 07:34:46

This show is slow and boring. There is no change of pace just slow, plodding dialogue filled with double meanings and blank stares. I could go on about how stupid the basic plotline is but I`ll spare the shows` fans. Anthony Hopkins Hannibal crackled with demonic malice. Mikkelsens` is stone faced and robotic. I tried hard but this show bores me to death. No pun intended
Posted 02/04/14 at 13:28:21

This is an excellent series. I love there are so many layers. Keep it coming and please do not dumb it down. btw-What happened with Gina Torres (Fishburne's real & character wife) I thought her placement and illness added an interesting twist and vulnerability, plus she's gorgeous. :-)
Han Fan
Posted 08/20/13 at 20:26:40

Heard a rumor that Hannibal has been cancelled now... is this true???
Posted 08/15/13 at 12:07:06

This show is horrible. I love the Hannibal character and have read the books but this show is slow and gruesome. I guess the gore is just more palatable in book form but the slowness of the show is its own exquisite torture. I had 5 episodes taped that I finally deleted and won't be watching it anymore.
Posted 06/23/13 at 11:06:57

So happy this is coming back. Own every movie about Hannibal. WooHoo to everyone working on this show. Thanks for my #1 show on TV.
Posted 06/19/13 at 21:49:13

I really hope this show wins a boat load of awards. Editing, Acting, Lighting, Directing, Cinematography, Pacing, Emotion, Drama, Suspence, the SFX, the dream sequences... I could go on and on about how excellent everything in this show is. It really, in my mind, has taken the next step and was everything The Following wished it could be. It, to me, has done to drama what Arrested Development did for comedy, evolved it. If they can just step away from the "Baddie of the Week" motif it'll be a 10/10 every time.
Posted 06/14/13 at 22:14:33

Posted 06/13/13 at 21:04:20

Amazing show! Best of its kind on tv and the characters of both Will and Hannibal are cast brilliantly! Great job NBC!
Posted 06/12/13 at 00:18:02

The only downfall is having to watch Laurence Fishburne, he wasn't very good while on CSI and he's not doing any better on this show, other than that, 4/5 stars
Posted 06/04/13 at 15:23:04

So deep! Love it! There's a double meaning to every scene, every sentence. Can't wait for ALL the new episodes.

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Hugh Dancy (Will)
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Hettienne Park (Beverly)
Scott Thompson (Jimmy)
Aaron Abrams (Brian)
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