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Nurse Jackie

On Air: Jun 8, 2009 - Jun 28, 2015
Network: Showtime

Nurse Jackie Renewed For Season 6

The Edie Falco dramedy will return in 2014.

June 6, 2013

Showtime announced today that Nurse Jackie has been renewed for a sixth season. Production will begin in New York this fall with a premiere date slated for sometime in 2014.

(Source: Twitter)

Comments (9)

Posted 02/21/14 at 22:55:38

We need Eve back! We also need at least 4 more episodes each season and the show needs to be longer. This is one of the best shows and the fans need more!
Posted 02/18/14 at 04:01:01

Love the program .please bring eve best back, she will be sooooo missed.
Posted 07/08/13 at 23:45:48

Season 5 is the best season by far! I don't like how the episodes have been reduced to 10 the second time in a row. I agree there should be at least 13 episodes per season and it should be extended to an hour. The acting and writers are incredible and great! Hope Eve Best comes back..I love her wit. She's definitely the ying to Nurse Jackie's yang.
Posted 07/02/13 at 12:10:57

I love this show and have never missed an episode -- but this last season was way too short and didn't accomplish anything. The last five minutes of the season finale, I thought, were a slap in the face to the loyal fans! What a disappointing outcome :o(
Posted 06/15/13 at 19:55:58

Love Nurse Jackie! So happy if has been renewed. Agree with other comments about more episodes per season and an hour per show would be great!
Posted 06/10/13 at 20:05:46

This show NEEDS Eve Best as Dr. O'hara to come back! Sbe was the best thing about this show, and even though the show still is fine without her, she gave the show that something extra to make the show that much better.
mike l
Posted 06/10/13 at 18:46:02

I agree with all the comments. Show to short Season to short. Main actress written out, sucks. They need to listen to the public. When I contact the networks to complain I make them aware of this sight and sugest they visit it. I would like to ask you to do the same. This sight is for all ages and can give better information than the rating system gives and it is free. Mucky mucks running the networks wake up and listen to us. Without us you would not have a job. MKL
Posted 06/10/13 at 10:46:18

Totally agree with the other comment on here. Episodes are way too short, and I want Eve Best to come back as well. She was half the show!
Posted 06/08/13 at 23:20:23

We love Nurse Jackie but always walk away wanting more. It seems like the episodes are so short and the season is short too. I guess we see the show as more of a drama than a comedy, and it would be great to have more time with the characters each week. Also, I hope that Eve Best will be returning for Season Six. We really miss her and her character's relationship with Jackie. Edie Falco and the rest of the cast have done a terrific job, as have the writers. Thanks for a great show.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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A dramedy focusing on a flawed ER nurse at All Saints Hospital who must juggle patients, doctors and fellow nurses - along with her own indiscretions.


Edie Falco (Jackie)
Eve Best (Dr. O'Hara)
Merritt Wever (Zoey)
Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cooper)
Paul Schulze (Eddie)
Haaz Sleiman (Mo-Mo)
Anna Deavere Smith (Gloria)
Dominic Fumusa (Kevin)
Ruby Jerins (Grace)
Daisy Tahan (Fiona)