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666 Park Avenue

On Air: Sep 30, 2012 - Jul 13, 2013
Network: ABC

666 Park Avenue To Air Final Four Episodes

The cancelled drama will conclude its run this summer.

June 13, 2013

This summer ABC will broadcast the final four episodes of 666 Park Avenue, the freshman drama that was cancelled last year before the end of its first season.

The remaining four episodes will begin airing on Saturday, June 22, 2013 and continue weekly through July 13, 2013.

Comments (23)

Posted 01/22/15 at 12:29:22

I loved watching this show. It was really interesting and I was hoping to see what happens in the next season. :(
Posted 07/26/13 at 16:41:09

I liked it, and I don't typically watch shows like that. I wish they kept it on!
Posted 07/21/13 at 23:13:24

This show is the best. I can't believe ABC cancelled. I want to see the story finish. ABC can KICK ROCKS!!!!
Posted 07/10/13 at 17:35:41

Ok 3 more days and we can all talk about it with out it being a given it away thing.Thought everyone saw it.
I did like 3 months ago:P
Posted 06/29/13 at 21:32:25

Ya really need to ask people ...666, Deception, Body of Proof, Malibu Country and the we lost Harry's Law. No notice... only if you have a computer and ck for cx shows. That sucks. Why couldn't you finish out the season like any other show. You just stop...really???? How do we apply for your jobs?? Not happy with the stations.
Posted 06/25/13 at 04:58:02

At least they deleted the spoiler for ppl like me lol why da hell do ppl keep reading a spoiler anyway just fookn stop ur curious eyes
Posted 06/24/13 at 12:22:26

I Hate your decision to cancel this show.
Claudine Sisco
Posted 06/24/13 at 10:11:14

Where can I catch up on this show's episodes?
nancy f.
Posted 06/22/13 at 18:12:47

WTF? Why culdn't they hav showed these episodes earlier? I like the series but now it's too late. If ur gonna cancel something, finish the season not show half and then later we'll show u the rest.
Posted 06/21/13 at 23:40:47

Air the final 4 episodes? Um I already seen them online and the last episode seems very rushed and seems like they changed it to end the series not with a cliff hanger.

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Genre: Drama

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A supernatural drama following the residents at a building possessed by mysterious forces.


Dave Annable (Henry)
Rachael Taylor (Jane)
Vanessa Williams (Olivia)
Terry O'Quinn (Gavin)
Robert Buckley (Brian)
Mercedes Masohn (Louise)
Erik Palladino (Tony)
Helena Mattsson (Alexis)
Samantha Logan (Nona)