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Falling Skies

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On Air: Jun 19, 2011 - Present
Network: TNT

Falling Skies Renewed For Season 4

TNT has ordered 10 new episodes for 2014.

July 2, 2013

TNT announced today that Falling Skies has been renewed for a fourth season. The summer drama has continued to draw solid ratings since its premiere in 2011, currently averaging 5.8 million viewers in Live + 7 delivery and ranking as basic cable's #1 scripted series among adults 18-49.

The network has ordered 10 episodes for the show's fourth season to air in the summer of 2014.

UPDATE: Season 4 of Falling Skies premieres on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 10:00pm.

(Source: TNT)

Comments (23)

Posted 05/31/14 at 13:50:48

It's a shame to see a series get delayed for such a long time between seasons. The thing to keep in mind is the actors need to make a living too. If they keep up with the long off seasons, actors may go elsewhere for work. Just my two cents.
Posted 05/26/14 at 12:16:40

Some things are worth waiting for, and Falling Skies is one of them. So what if 365 days pass before you see the next season's episodes.
Posted 04/01/14 at 15:12:55

I could care less about Falling Skies!!! Yes, a great show, saw all 3 series. Got tired of waiting so long for series 4 (1 YEAR!!-REALLY???) , that forgot entire story!!!! SHAME ON TNT FOR DOING THAT TO LOYAL VIEWER'S OF THE SHOW!!!! THEY LOST TONS OF VIEWER'S IN THE PROCESS. I for one will not care to watch season 4 purposely because they put me through such a long wait! screw them!!!!
Posted 02/24/14 at 16:30:35

I agrew with the other comments. Waiting for a year for a show to come on is ridiculous! You forget what was happening, and if you do catch on, the season is almost up again. To a previous poster, Warehouse 13 has not been cancelles. Season 4-bi starts in April 2014 with the final episodes.
Posted 01/25/14 at 12:39:13

I miss Terra Nova. That show had serious promise.
Posted 08/14/13 at 04:28:03

Love "Falling Skies". It'S to bad we have to wait a year to see it again and then with only 10 episodes. Wake up, some of us are sick of reality shows.
Posted 07/25/13 at 17:11:56

Love this happy we aren't losing this one...I enjoy watching something different...keep it coming
michael d
Posted 07/23/13 at 17:53:12

I don't think the show is getting harder to watch. Tom has resigned and things are moving ou at a solid pace. the Problem is that too many people play video games. And expect action all the time. this is a drama sci fi show and a good one. Tnt can't afford to produce more than ten eps. they don't have the money that a big network does. However It's in their interest to find the money and up the show to 13 or even 16. but that's why scy fy keeps cancelling tv series. They axed wharehouse 13 a hit show to focus on defiance.
Posted 07/16/13 at 15:49:21

I have to agree with Darryl and Randy. The show is getting harder to watch with some of the silly contrived plots and story lines. Pope is indeed one of the more interesting characters, who needs a larger role. I'm fearful that the show is trending downwards. They need to focus on the sci-fi and get back on target, so-to-speak.
Posted 07/15/13 at 18:45:44

The story pacing is pretty slow and boring...I was using this show to fill in when my others weren't on. Alpha's was better and so was terra nova as far as sci-fi is concerned. My opinions of course.

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