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CBS Renews Under The Dome

The sci-fi series will return in summer 2014.

July 29, 2013

CBS announced today that its new sci-fi drama Under the Dome has been renewed for a second season. The freshman summer series has been pulling in solid ratings since its premiere last month, making it an easy decision for the network to issue today's pickup for another 13 episodes in summer 2014.

It was also announced that Stephen King, who penned the bestselling novel of the same name, will write the premiere episode for Season 2.

UPDATE: Season 2 of Under the Dome will premiere on Monday, June 30, 2014.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (23)

Posted 04/03/14 at 16:33:50

thank heavens...I thought they were gonna leave us hanging forever!
Posted 04/02/14 at 21:35:11

lol at you haters dont have anything better to do in life other than hate on a TV SHOW. Here is a bit of friendly advice. since you apparently dont know,but,you dont have to watch this show. there are about a million other shows you can watch,or things that you can do.that is if you can stand up and get off that couch long enough for spring cleaning it.
Posted 04/02/14 at 20:03:32

I love this show. It's different. Everything else on tv is either cops Dr's or reality crap.
Posted 09/22/13 at 12:08:22

What happened to under the dome? what's going in that time slot so I can be sure NOT TO WATCH it!
Posted 08/11/13 at 05:08:04

Do not need to sign up for anything just go to piratebay and load every show on tv
Posted 08/08/13 at 10:56:12

Hey don't spoil it you idiot this show is great I'll be looking forward to season 2
Posted 08/06/13 at 14:25:16

The show is Epic!
Posted 08/05/13 at 13:50:24

Ughh CBS is making you sign up for Amazon Prime to watch the Pilot... frustrating...
Posted 08/03/13 at 23:38:59

We all have a choice. Love to hate it or hate to love it. Did not read the book so I guess I have a open mind. The only thing I really hated is the death of the sheriff in the first ep. I like Jeff Fayhee hope I spelled his name correctly, to me this was a great show for him to use his talent. The mucky muck writters strike again. MKL
Posted 08/02/13 at 20:33:47

No's an aliens ant farm....but hey at least it's not a huge spider
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