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Under the Dome

On Air: Jun 24, 2013 - Sep 10, 2015
Network: CBS

CBS Renews Under The Dome

The sci-fi series will return in summer 2014.

July 29, 2013

CBS announced today that its new sci-fi drama Under the Dome has been renewed for a second season. The freshman summer series has been pulling in solid ratings since its premiere last month, making it an easy decision for the network to issue today's pickup for another 13 episodes in summer 2014.

It was also announced that Stephen King, who penned the bestselling novel of the same name, will write the premiere episode for Season 2.

UPDATE: Season 2 of Under the Dome will premiere on Monday, June 30, 2014.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (33)

Gary LaBarr
Posted 01/26/16 at 07:58:45

please start season 4. I loved that show. the way it is right now, there are far too manny clifhangers that need to be answered
Posted 09/05/15 at 15:25:00

I really love that show, so please don't cance
Posted 09/27/14 at 10:47:08

Please don't cancel. At least without an ending. I love this show.
Posted 09/01/14 at 20:12:16

Season 1 was good, This season is getting tired. The plot is running so thin the viewers are becoming critical of the acting abilities. Remember the ending in the book? This would be a great time to end it that way. I was affected by it for weeks! I still can't look at an ant farm without feeling guilty!
Posted 08/04/14 at 17:55:38

The storyline has gone way to far off the mark and gotten much to weird bringing back a dead person ? Really ? And a mad scientist ? Get back on track already ! And you're killing some of the wrong Ppl
Posted 07/22/14 at 09:55:41

Stopped watching after first ep of season 2 when they killed off the best person on it,No season 3 please.
Posted 07/21/14 at 14:39:17

all i can say is that i really like the show . one more season good.
Posted 07/18/14 at 06:15:12

Season 2 is nothing but a soap opera where logic, reason, personalities, and attitudes towards ANYTHING changes episode to episode in order to fit whatever the writers feel. There's absolutely no stability in the character development. Mom's alive! The radio DJ is a cop! Email suddenly works for 30 minutes. It's ludicrous.
Posted 05/14/14 at 09:52:38

This comment isn't about the show, per se, but the fact that I personally feel lied to by CBS. They billed Under the Dome as a summer miniseries with tons of ads about just watching a summer escapist series with a conclusion. That meant no worries about renewal, and they were vocal about letting the whole thing run despite whatever ratings were achieved. I still have TV Guides with some of that info in them!
I wonder how many other people watched the show because of the promise of a beginning, middle, and end. It seems kind of dishonest to get high ratings by promising one thing and then change it to something else, but that is to be expected by most networks I guess.
I'm glad it was renewed since it is a good show, but I just like to know the truth about what I'm getting into. Does anyone else have an opinion about this?
mona kearns
Posted 04/27/14 at 18:31:46

2 thumbs up :)

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A sci-fi drama based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.


Mike Vogel (Dale)
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Dean Norris (James)
Alexander Koch (Junior)
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